Saviour steps in at last minute to rescue local sports club

A LOCAL “white knight” has rescued the Hanwood Sports Club from the brink of collapse just days after one of the city’s oldest clubs fell into voluntary administration.
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Pittari Transport owner Louis Pittari has purchased the Yarran Street building for an undisclosed sum and will lease it back to the club in a deal finalised on Friday.

The move follows last week’s shock announcement the Catholic Club Yoogali (CCY), one of the city’s most popular wedding venues, had entered into voluntary administration and would close on Monday.

The Hanwood Sports Club has had a high-profile battle with the banks and the tax office, carrying debts of almost $800,000 this time last year.

But the sale of the building to the Pittari family has all but wiped those debts and given the club a fresh chance at survival.

“It would have been a grim situation if Louis hadn’t come in; the bank would have closed us down in the next few months,” Hanwood Sports Club treasurer Chint Quarisa said.

“We are just so grateful to Louis. This means we can turn the corner and enter a new chapter in our history.”

Mr Pittari said the opportunity to support the Hanwood community and ensure the survival of the Hanwood Football Club was “worth the money”.

“The community of Hanwood has been good to me and this is a way we can repay them,” Mr Pittari said.

The club, which had a receiver appointed in November 2011 before an 11th hour rescue by members, has abandoned plans to subdivide a parcel of adjoining land to raise capital.

It has been given a five-year lease by the Pittaris with a further five-year option.

A new board and a series of successful recent events, including a bumper Australia Day crowd, has reignited hopes the club will return to its glory days.

“It’s difficult; the big clubs are getting bigger and the small clubs are struggling,” Mr Quarisa said.

“Not only is patronage dropping off but our fixed costs like electricity, rates, insurance, maintenance and workers compensation are going up.

“The club just needs patronage but we’re confident we have the right board and right energy to get them here now.”

Meanwhile, Yenda Diggers Club appears to be trading its way out of the financial quicksand.

The small club’s $96,000 debt to the Australian Taxation Office has been cut to $36,000 in the past 12 months and president Dave Black was confident things were looking up.

“We’re rolling again to the point we’re making a little bit each week but you can’t take it for granted,” Mr Black said.

“We really need the community to continue to support the club.”

Hanwood Sports Club

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30 lots at Georges Fair snapped up by keen bids

Top pick: Elaine Chau and Michael Tat camped out in the rain last Friday night to secure their preferred lot during the Aurora land release sale at Georges Fair.EAGER land buyers braved the storm and camped out to get their bids in early for the newly released land at Georges Fair, Moorebank in south-west Sydney.
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Eighteen of the 33 lots available were sold in just four hours, with 12 more lots sold over the weekend.

The lot sizes were between 312 and 621 metres squared, an indication that Investa Property Group development manager Nathan Huon said demonstrated the demand for larger properties — despite the 2012 trend towards smaller lots.

“Many purchasers are still looking for larger lots within a quality residential estate,” he said.

“We had more than 200 people register their interest, so we anticipated strong sales.

“It’s extremely rewarding to experience such a positive response, which in my opinion, is a testament to the fabulous community that has developed here at Georges Fair.”

Only three lots remain available for purchase in the new Aurora neighbourhood which is situated in an elevated position within the estate, providing some lots with access to sweeping district and skyline views. Land in the first Aurora release was priced from $310,000.

New homes buyers interested in purchasing land at Georges Fair should register at www.georgesfair南京夜网.au.

Details: 9602 1701 or visit georgesfair南京夜网.au.

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Movie Comp: Flight of terror against addiction

Denzel Washington is Whip Whitaker in FLIGHT, from Paramount Pictures.F-FF-001 Flight Flight
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NEW movie Flight features a solid performance by Denzel Washington as airline captain William “Whip” Whitaker who must face his addictions in the wake of a near disaster.

Whip awakens after a wild night of drinking and drug taking in an Orlando hotel room with flight attendant Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez).

He greets the day with a hit of cocaine before manning the controls of a flight to Atlanta, taking off in the middle of a storm.

Copilot Ken Evans (Brian Geraghty) takes control while Whip discreetly mixes vodka in his orange juice and takes a nap.

He is jolted awake by turbulence as the plane starts to lose control.

With no other choice, Whip rolls the plane upside down to bring it out of the dive and manoeuvres it right-side up before crash-landing in a field.

He loses consciousness upon impact and awakens in an Atlanta hospital with minor injuries. He’s a hero with 96 people having survived and only five dead in the crash.

His blood test shows substance abuse, however, and he faces manslaughter charges.

Whip tries to break his habits and get his life back on the track.

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Boost in Mt Tomah visitor numbers

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah has seen a jump in visitors following the abolition of entry fees by the State Government.
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More than 115,000 visitors attended in the 12 months after the fees were scrapped, an increase of almost 45,000 visitors from the previous 12 months.

Member for Blue Mountains Roza Sage welcomed the annual increase of visitors.

“Giving more opportunity to visit these unique gardens is something I am very proud to have been part of.

“The abolition of entry fees which was a commitment made prior to the election in 2011 has led to a significant increase and opportunity to families that would never have been made possible without the NSW Government,” said Mrs Sage.

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker said tens of thousands of additional families have benefited from the NSW Government decision to abolish the entry fee to the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah.

And with the NSW Government committing $40 million to make national parks even more attractive to visitors and the increasing popularity of the new National Parks website, there has been a 10 per cent increase in bookings for campsites throughout the state.

“I’m delighted thousands of families and seniors have benefited from this initiative which has opened up these beautiful gardens to them free of charge,” said Ms Parker.

“I understand the cost of living pressures being faced by families, particularly those in western Sydney, and if by removing this fee we have made it easier for them to enjoy a picnic then that’s terrific.

“It is only equitable for families in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains to also have free access to their botanic gardens.”

Ms Parker said that the dynamic new website which was launched last year, had been expanded for the summer holidays allowing the public to take in spectacular holiday destinations, natural local attractions and fun activities for all the family.

“The website now features more than 180 parks in every corner of NSW, close to 1000 park attractions and thousands of images and videos,” said Ms Parker.

“An additional 40 extra on-park holiday properties and 30 extra camping locations (each containing multiple sites) are featured on the website, a total of over 70 stay options, all of which can be booked online.”

Blue Mountains MP Roza Sage with NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker.

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Youth program $9970.65 richer

The Youth Opportunities program is nearly $10,000 richer thanks to a wonderful response to last year’s Young Professionals Whyalla Charity Ball.
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A cheque for $9970.65 was handed over to Youth Opportunities steering committee chair Gregg Utting at YPW’s social drinks on Friday night.

Mr Utting thanked the YPW committee for choosing to support the Youth Opportunities program and help them ensure it can continue to run.

“The funds raised at the Young Professionals charity ball are a significant contribution toward the fundraising target set by the local Youth Opportunities community board,” Mr Utting said,

“All funds raised go directly into helping fund programs within Whyalla.”

Mr Utting said funding support like this will go a long way in changing the lives of students in Whyalla.

“This donation along with those of other supporters of the program in the second half of 2012 will allow the program organisers to confidently plan the full year’s programs knowing that the financial support of the local board will be available,” Mr Utting said.

Mr Utting said the YPW charity ball was also a great opportunity to promote the work the Youth Opportunities program does.

“Youth Opportunities provides leadership training for year 10 students,” Mr Utting said.

“The program is based around four key choices: Choosing to be happy, choosing to set goals, choosing to grow and choosing to send stars (positive communication).

“The program is run over an intensive 10 weeks and involves the students spending one full day each week out of the school environment with two qualified trainers.

“The program finishes with a graduation ceremony and student follow up is carried out by Youth Opportunities staff for a period of time after each program.”

Mr Utting said by the time the students complete the program, it is evident the difference the program has made in their lives.

More than 170 people attended the event on Saturday, October 27 last year held at the Westlands Hotel and the YPW committee was pleased with the generous support it received.

Mr Utting said the growing community support for the program meant that Youth Opportunities would be able to grow too.

“As a result of the fundraising success in 2012, we are hoping to expand the program in 2013 to give more Whyalla students the opportunity to benefit from the program,” Mr Utting said.

In working towards their financial targets to ensure the future of the program, Mr Utting said the Youth Opportunities steering committee continues to look to the community for support.

“Youth Opportunities Whyalla relies entirely on the support of the local business community and individuals,” Mr Utting said.

“We would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in supporting the program or learning more about the work being done by Youth Opportunities in Whyalla.”

To find out more or to support the Youth Opportunities program in Whyalla, contact Gregg Utting on 0417 862 406 or [email protected]南京夜网.au

SUPPORT: The Youth Opportunities program received a boost of $9970.65 thanks to the generous community support at Young professionals Whyalla Charity Ball last year. At the cheque presentation on Friday night were (from left) YPW committee member Kayleigh Bruce, Youth Opportunities streering committee chair Gregg Utting and YPW chair Anna Chapple.

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Livening up lunch boxes

GOOD TEAM: Kim McCosker with sons Hamilton, 6, Flynn, 4, and Morgan, 10, and inset, one of their healthy, tasty lunch boxes. BACK to school doesn’t have to mean a return to the boring lunch options with just a Vegemite sandwich and an apple.
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Think outside the lunch box and get kids into the kitchen and involved in choosing, making and even growing their food and you might be surprised at what you can come up with together.

Author of the 4 Ingredients cookbooks and mother of three boys aged 4, 7 and 10, Kim McCosker knows better than anyone the challenges of preparing school lunches.

But even she was astounded by the number she makes each year.

‘‘Out of curiosity, I sat down one night with the annual calendar and I calculated an average of 210 school mornings – and it gets worse: multiply it by three and that’s 630 lunch boxes,’’ she said. ‘‘I was overwhelmed, and I write cookbooks, for goodness sake!’’

‘‘It’s made even harder because one [of her sons] won’t have sandwiches, no bread at all in the lunch box. And I’m not alone.

‘‘There are so many fussy eaters and limitations from the school because of children with allergies and intolerances … it’s a juggle.’’

McCosker sat down with her kids one night in the lead-up to school starting and asked them to list the foods they like in their lunch boxes.

When one replied that he wanted ham, salami or chicken sandwiches, McCosker turned the everyday sandwich into something a bit different with recipes such as lunch box sushi.

The ‘‘sushi’’ is made with soy linseed bread (cut the crusts off and freeze to make bread crumbs), a little bit of mayonnaise, avocado and cucumber or whatever fillings take your fancy.

‘‘The kids were like, ‘oh mum, that looks fantastic!’ and really it’s just a sandwich, it took me two seconds,’’ she said.

‘‘Food is first eaten with the eye. If it looks nice, they might try it.

‘‘If it doesn’t look so good, it’s…guaranteed to come home.’’

The other thing her boys requested were dips. McCosker devised ‘‘go to’’ recipes such as two tablespoons of light sour cream, the same amount of whole egg mayonnaise, with some crushed garlic and salt and pepper. Another easy option is sour cream simply mixed with corn relish.

Pop the dip in a small container, along with some vegies (McCosker’s kids love cauliflower, carrot and red capsicum) and you’ve got an easy and nutritious lunch box item.

Next, McCosker adds some seasonal fruit to the lunch box, along with an ice brick in warmer weather. Think watermelon, grapes, bananas for this time of year when the seasonal fruit is naturally at its sweetest.

McCosker does add a few treats in the lunch box from time to time, including dried apricots drizzled with a little chocolate, or the 4 Ingredients Kids M&Ms slice recipe (made with blended Arrowroot biscuits, condensed milk and M&Ms).

But the cookbook author’s top tip is to prepare the lunches the night before.

‘‘Breakfast time is my absolute crush hour.

‘‘It is so busy because I’m trying to get out the door, my kids are trying to get out the door, my husband is trying to get out the door …

‘‘So if I had to face the clean-up after breakfasts, plus the clean-up after three lunch boxes, I would be a mental wreck. ‘‘

David Hunter, national executive chef at The Golden Door Australia, including Pokolbin’s Elysia Health Retreat, recommends getting kids involved in planting and growing their own food.

‘‘Get them interested in the growing process by rostering them on to water and weed the garden. And when it comes time to harvest let them pick and prepare the fruit and vegetables so they are more inclined to give it a try,’’ he said.

Setting up a salad bar at home can also get kids interested in making their own lunches. Have bread or wraps on hand with spreads like hummusand cottage or ricotta cheese, along with some vegies to complete the meal.

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Springwood father takes battle for lost son to Canberra

Springwood father Daniel Wass took his ongoing battle to find his missing three-year-old son on the road on Saturday, cycling to Canberra to increase political pressure to find a solution to his parental nightmare.
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Mr Wass’s son, Sean Jukia Wass, has vanished in Japan after being taken from Australia by his former partner, Yuka, when he was just 14-months-old.

Despite numerous court orders, including a Find and Recovery Publication Order from the Family Court of Australia, Mr Wass does not know the location or welfare of his son.

His situation has seemingly been put in the diplomatic ‘too hard basket’ as Japan is not a member of the Hague treaty which deals with abducted children.

“In addition to Japan’s family law, Australia’s policy, procedure and assistance in international parental child abduction cases to non-Hague countries is very poor. It’s almost non existent to the extent there is a preserved reluctance to assist,” said Mr Wass.

He was due to meet with opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop when he arrived in Canberra yesterday (February 5) although the outcome of the meeting was not known at the time of going to press.

He also planned to present a petition supporting his case to Federal Member for Macquarie Louise Markus, who wished him well before he left Springwood early on Saturday morning.

The petition calls on the Australian Government to “take a stance, strengthening domestic policies and developing a bilateral agreement with Japan that facilitates the return of children who have been abducted from Australia until such time as Japan becomes a signatory to the Hague Convention”.

It also requests the government take “immediate action to confirm the location, safety and welfare of Sean Jukia Wass”.

Mr Wass rode part of the journey with Ken Thompson, another dad whose child was abducted.

“I was lucky enough to have Ken join me at the 70km point through to Bowral (120km) and then the next day all the way to Goulburn,” he told the Gazette from the road.

Springwood father Daniel Wass took his ongoing battle to find his missing three-year-old son on the road on Saturday, cycling to Canberra to increase political pressure to find a solution to his parental nightmare.

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Barossa and Light Bowls reports

Tanunda Bowling Club Report
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Following a couple of weeks with only a few matches being played, this round saw all of the Tanunda sides in action, except Division 1.


The ladies began the Club’s round of matches with an excellent win at Lyndoch. Three teams finished the shortened match in front and Margaret Hurst’s team only missed out by the narrowest of margins. The team skippered by Dorothy Light finished a couple of shots ahead, June Farquharson’s team bettered that with a six shot win but ‘Rink of the Day’ went to Clair Altus, Jan Ralston, Margaret Meertens and Kathy Wallace who started well and continued strongly to finish with a comfortable win. This match may well prove to have resulted in a very important win at a crucial stage of the season.


White were away to Nuriootpa Green but despite a determined effort from the ‘Whites’ the Home side proved too strong on the day. Special mentions go to Malcom Paech, Peter Secker and Trevor Ratsch who went down very narrowly after finishing the game strongly and to Grantly Martin who won the Wohlers Award. Midweek Black also took on one of the sides from Tigerland but the ‘Blacks’ recorded an excellent win on the carpet with all teams finishing in front. The teams skippered by Deon Heidenreich and Robert Schneider had good wins but Hedley Rohrlach, Peter Baverstock and Charlie Mahoney played well all afternoon to win the ‘Rink of the Day’ award.

Saturday Pennants

The Saturday pennants sides were brimming with optimism as they were greeted by a lovely sunny day. Division 2 Black travelled to Nuriootpa to play the unbeaten Green side, only to discover why they were unbeaten! The Black side got away to a good start, but could not sustain it for the whole afternoon. Bradley Marshall, Barry Williams, Margaret Hurst and Kevin Bartsch played well but couldn’t quite record a win in a very tight finish.

Division 3

Division 3were at home against the Nuriootpa Gold (yes – them again!) side but found the visitors too strong. Ken Schliebs, Nick Schmidt, Peter Abinett and Don Ralston had a great start to their game but just missed out on a win.

The highlight of the day for the Magpies was a very important one shot victory over the Gold side from (you guessed it!) Nuriootpa. Two of the Tanunda teams lost in close games but a great effort by June Farquharson, Dean Koch, Peter Secker and Alan Price, not only won the match, but also resulted in a well deserved ‘Rink of the Week’ win.

Sunday saw the finals of the Club Championship singles competitions being decided, for both the women and the men. Kathy Wallace and Deon Heidenreich were the winners over Margaret Hurst and Charlie Mahoney with the matches finishing at 25 – 16 and 25 – 7 respectively. Kathy Wallace and Margaret Hurst had won the Ladies Pairs Championship earlier in the week after a closely fought match against Clair Altus and Judy Thompson. Congratulations to all of the players who played off in their respective finals.



Division 1

There was an air of jubilation last Saturday evening after the Nuriootpa bowlers landed five big results on the playing field.

Most notable was the Division One side’s big win over League leaders Freeling by 33 shots.

Rob Grope’s troops continued their relentless form of the previous week with another strong win by 14 shots over a talented opposition. The boys gave their opponents a start but the game was broken open by Rob’s ‘shot of the season’ when he threaded the needle to sit Freeling’s closest bowl through, turning one down into five up!

Stuart Allen’s crew were up against a formidable line-up led by Justin Morris but showed their class to get out of the blocks early and lead throughout to post an eight shot win. Greg Prior continued his brilliant form this season with another inspiring effort to set up the great win.

Ron Turnbull’s team were a little slow to start but shifted into top gear after ‘smoko’ to deliver the Tigers another win. With Chris ‘Hollywood’ Jones hitting his straps the rinks takes on an imposing aura.

Rod Garrett had the radar on early to keep Geoff Langley’s crew in touch of their opponents then after the break, Geoff ‘the Guru’, in a brilliant cameo performance, imposed his authority and single handed he dragged his team up to the line to claim their share of the points.

Division 2

Division Two’s Nuriootpa Green posted another solid win, this time over Tanunda Black at home. Ian Klaebe and Damian Langley both skippered wins for Nuriootpa but the star performance came from Peter Buckley and his squad who put in a rink of the week performance to finish 24 shots up.

Nuriootpa Black claimed a much needed win over Kapunda Red at home with Kevin Harrison and Pam Jones guiding their crews through to strong wins.

Nuriootpa Gold fell short of Tanunda White by just a single shot, but with two rinks up, thanks to Neil Collyer and Dave Wilson the Golds managed to claim four points from the contest.

Division 3

In Division Three, Nuriootpa Black scored an 11 shot win over Freeling at Freeling. Heather Robert’s crew finished 2 shots up over their opposition and Sean Hyland’s gun rink won comfortably by 13.

Nuriootpa Gold enjoyed a day out at Tanunda and posted a big 37 shot win. Jill Chapman’s troops finished 14 shots up while John McIntosh guided his crew through to a 19 shot victory. After the match John was full of praise for his leader Mick Fuller, who is going from strength to strength as a top lawn bowler. Ian Falkenberg and his squad pulled off one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus, when they recovered from 18 to zip down, after six ends, to finish 30 shots to 26 up!

Only two out of five Midweek Sides enjoyed that winning feeling last Thursday with the Nuriootpa Black line-up returning from their bout with Lyndoch Blue somewhat down hearted while the boys in the under-manned Nuriootpa Gold outfit found themselves no match for Tanunda Black. Nuriootpa Blue fell just short of the mark against, top of the table, Lyndoch Gold, with a small score board hiccup not helping their cause. Ronnie Turnbull claimed the points against a quality opponent.

On the positive side Nuriootpa Green finished 24 shots up over Tanunda White with all three rinks up. Ian Klaebe secured yet another win to his tally while Greg Prior was in top form to guide his team to success. Rod Garrett was elated with Alby Wilkinson’s form and their rink posted another win to complete the clean sweep.

In what was a must win game for Nuriootpa Brown the boys came out firing and put in their best performance of the season to eclipse Kapunda Red by 48 shots. Pat White and Aaron Jones combined brilliantly to give Ron Ellis a great start and the trio enjoyed a big 20 shot win at stumps. Noel Christophersen and his Hamley Bridge brigade pulled away from their opposition to post a strong 18 shot win while Bob Randall, with Kingsley Bullock impressive in the lead, finished 10 shots up.

Nuriootpa Ladies did their best to break out of their slump but fell short on the scoreboard. Up against Angaston at home our girls put in an honest performance but the magic of last Season doesn’t seem to be there this year. Despite the overall loss Natalie Fyfe and her crew went against the tide to post an impressive 14 shot win.

This week’s lucky Wohlers’ award winner is Alan Fyfe. Perhaps he will reward Natalie for her efforts by opening up his wallet for a spot of shopping.

Congratulations are in order to Nuriootpa’s new Ladies Champion Pauline Collyer. In a high standard contest Pauline managed to finish in front of a worthy runner-up in Lois Hahn. All eyes now turn to the Men’s Singles Championship where perennial Champ, Rob Grope will be challenged by, up and coming young gun, Aaron Jones.

Black Caviar

Lyndoch and Districts Bowling Club

Round 15 – 2 February 2013

The Lyndoch Night Owls on Tuesday night were one of the colder nights of the season but it did not affect The Davens from winning the evening.


Lyndoch v Tanunda at Lyndoch

A shortened game through the constant rain [13 ends]. Val Reeves & June Farquharson had a close game until the 10th end when June pulled away to win 14-8. Di Jones & Margaret Hurst had an evenly matched game with Di being the victor 10-9. Gay Mcleod and Dorothy Light also had a tight game with Dorothy by winning the last 2 ends won 9-7. Sue Drummond’s rink had a really bad day losing to Kathy Wallace 7-21.

Lyndoch Gold v Nuriootpa Blue at Nuriootpa

Billy Boyle down early but gradually over took David Wilson to win 18-14. David Hausler after finally getting the scores correct beat Bob Chapman 21-15.Glyn Ayers had one of his rare losses going down to Ron Turnbull 14-21.

Lyndoch 53 Nuriootpa 50

Lyndoch Blue v Nuriootpa Black at the picturesque Lyndoch green

Bob Howell by winning 14 ends had a comfortable win over Lloyd Tscharke 22-11.Alex Gerrard after losing the first end won the next & never looked back to win from Roger Mattschoss 25-17.Tony Drummond & Geoff Langley had a close game but Tony’s rink pipped Geoff’s rink at the post to win 16-14. Lyndoch 63 Nuri 42.

Div 3

Lyndoch v Eudunda at Lyndoch

Dick Filsell after being behind early gradually got the upper hand from Geoff Schulz to win 25-22. Ron Plant after losing 5 shots at the 20th end won the next 4 out of the next 5 ends finally winning 22-19 from Betty Marshall. Eric Smith after being up for the majority of the game finally lost 18-23 to Roy Fiegert. Lyndoch 65 Eudunda 64.

Div 2

Lyndoch v Angaston at Angaston

Bob Allan & Lyn Teakle had a close tussle all day until Lyn won 4 ends in a row late in the game to finally win 29-20.

Alex Gerrard after being down for most of the game clawed back getting a fitting draw with Kevin Renshaw 20 all. Ken Burton by winning the first never let go of the lead all day & won 29-16 from Malcolm Johnston. Lyndoch 69 Angaston 65.

Div 1

Lyndoch v Eudunda at Eudunda

David Hausler & Brett Warner had a game which could have gone either way, but Brett by shifting the kitty with the penultimate bowl won 21-19.Chris Rule after losing the first end took control & won 28-20 from Preston Eva. Peter Woods after not scoring for the first 5 ends came out of his slumber to finally win 24-20 from Andrew Pfitzner . Russell Walker had control of the game for most of the day & won 31-17 from Kym Schultz.

Kapunda Bowls Report Round 16


Showers swept across the greens of Kapunda interrupting the game between the home teams BLACK and COPPER several times on Thursday. Through some great bowling by Mick Butler and Trevor Leslie the Phillips’ rink took Black out to a strong lead, putting the pressure on Copper before finishing 25 shots to 12. Ron Rogers’ Copper rink had a close tussle with Jack Trotta’s rink, before claiming a two shot victory, at 17 -15. However it was the sensational form of Copper’s skipper Geoff Redden and some telling shots from Bryn Cooper and Keith Matthews who responded brilliantly under pressure to win 25 shots to 13 to enable Copper to sneak over the line with a one shot victory. No report for the REDS but they were beaten by Nuriootpa


On a damp drizzly day Kapunda hosted Freeling for the first time this year, with 2 rinks up, one down and one drawn, the score was 63-35 in a shortened game. Christine Doecke’s rink led from the start and were able to maintain this, to establish a 25-5 win. Helen Sexton’s rink began well but could not keep with their opposition, going down 6-16. Ruth Scoot’s team had a shot for shot struggle for 13 ends, with a 13 all result. Carole Holmes’ rink could do no wrong, Carole, with Jim Pitman, Ann Butler and Pat Dobbin won the Rink of the Week in a 24-1 result. Barb Hier won the Wohlers award.


Kapunda travelled to Angaston and almost brought home the bacon. Ian Otterspoor’s rink provided the standout performance, not giving their opposition a look-in until the 12th end, then cruising to a 31-18 win. However this scoreline was reversed for Geoff Redden’s team. After a good start they fell behind and trailed until the 18-31 conclusion. Kim Watters’ rink were in contention early, before also slipping back and finishing on 16-27. Bill Phillips’ rink were the last to finish, and after leading all day could have snatched the victory for the team. However Angaston grabbed the last couple of shots, so the score ended up 26-17 Kapunda’s way, and the overall score 91-93. Did hear that a giraffe had trouble bowling today!


Kapunda RED went to Nuriootpa going down to Nuri Black 85-63. Keith Matthews’ rink won 29-23, Elsa Pitman’s team were level with 3 ends to play, but dropped 10 shots in the latter ends, and Jim Pitman’s side were unable to match their opponents, going down 31-13. BLACK went to Angaston to play Angaston White emerging victors 80-57. Ruth Scoot’s side drew 21 all, after only winning 9 out of 25 ends. Carli Otterspoor won the Wohlers Award. Richard Doecke’s rink had a slow start, but were able to draw level after 23 ends, but to then lose shots and go down by two, 20-22. A Rink of the Week performance by ‘Mousey’ Booth, enabled his team, with Di Sweet, Grant Campbell and Greg Donovan, to score on 19 ends for a 39- 14 shot win.


Kapunda were host to Angaston White in a close encounter which they lost by one, 63-64. Ben Van Gasteren had a quiet beginning but bit by bit were able to rein in the opposition, for a 24-19 win .Ann Petch led all day for a 23-20 win. Brian Sweet’s men were unable to match their counterparts going down 16-25.

Freeling Bowling Club Chatterby the White Ghost

February 2,2013

Friday night bare foot bowls commenced with the evening enjoyed by all.


Ladies travelled to Kapunda on a rainy day and in a rain shortened day, had a lost with only one rink up.

Mid Week Men

The Mid week men travelled to Angaston to play the white team on heavy greens and had a 53 shot win with all rinks up. Chris Kearns rink up by 28 shots with all bowling well, Harry Sykes rink up by 22 shots and George Fergusson coming from behind to win by 3 shots

1st DIV

Ist division travelled to Nuriootpa to play and in a game they would like to forget come home having 3 rinks down and a draw.

2nd DIV

2nd division travelled to Eudunda . The game was played the top green which had good finish and in a game Freeling started slowly and were down by 22 shots after 5 ends . From that point the game changed and Freeling won the game by 20 shots with 2 rinks up. .

3rd DIV

3rd division hosted Nuriootpa Black at Home. The visiting team were to strong and won with 2 rinks up

Rink of the week won by Mid -Week division rink of Chris Kearns, Lyall Ryan and Trevor Secomb

Put your names down for the sponsor’s night which will be held on Friday 22rd of February. The meal is a roast dinner.

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Win a coffee pack ■ Competition ■

ALDIBecause the Your Home team believes many of our readers love their coffee as much as we do, we are now offering one lucky person the chance to win an ALDI Expressi Coffee Machine pack which includes:
Nanjing Night Net

★ an ALDI Expressi Coffee Machine

★ Milk Frother and

★ Expressi Coffee Capsules with a variety of strengths,as well as Chai latte and hot chocolate.

Exclusive to ALDI Australia, the Swiss engineered ALDI Expressi Coffee Capsule System offers a convenient and affordable way to enjoy cafe quality espresso at home.

With 19-bar high pressure pump, one litre tank, 20 second heat up time, programmable filling quantity, automatic capsule ejection and cleaning function, it is sure to make the perfect cup every time.

The machine includes a two-year warranty and energy efficient automatic shut-off. Dimensions include 150 x 378 x 297mm and weighs 3.8kg.

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南京夜网 13/06/2018

Winmalee actor stars in powerful POW short film

Actor Adam J. Yeend’s latest role was anything but run of the mill.
Nanjing Night Net

The former Winmalee resident plays an Australian prisoner-of-war in Japan who finds comfort in the piano playing of a teenage girl from a neighbouring home.

Based on a true story, the emotional shoot for the short film was made even more powerful when Mr Yeend, 32, met the real life little girl who inspired it — Youko Koshida is now in her 80s and lives in the same home where her childhood piano lessons provided hope for the World War II POWs.

“She was very gracious. She said she remembers feeling sorry for the soldiers as a little girl and not quite understanding what they’d done wrong.

“She also remembers that some of the soldiers would crawl through a fence to her family’s property to get some of the vegetables from the garden, something her parents never reported,” he said.

“After hearing her story, she actually played on the same piano she did during the war which was incredible and then offered for me and one of the other cast members to play on it. I was shaking a bit — I’ve never been the best piano player although I learnt through school — and I played what I could of Beethoven’s Fur Elise which was met by very enthusiastic and polite applause from Youko and the rest of the cast and crew.”

Director Paul Leeming had worked with Mr Yeend in 2005 and chose him for the role without an audition.

“I worked with Adam back on my first film, Eve, and found him to be an actor without fear, completely dedicated to the character and trusting of my vision when asked to do uncomfortable things,” he said.

He hopes the short film, titled An American Piano, will be seen by as many people as possible — giving recognition to a “real life hero” in the process.

“I was inspired by Mrs Koshida, who as a teenager touched the hearts of so many POWs through the simple act of playing the piano for them even though they were supposedly the enemy to her,” he said.

“The universality of music in overcoming hatred was the most powerful aspect of the story.”

It’s a sentiment Mr Yeend can only agree with.

Although he is now back in his Los Angeles home of the last four years, the memory of the Tokyo film shoot will never be far away.

“Having the chance to meet the real Mrs Youko Koshida was an experience I’ll never forget,” he said.

Adam J. Yeend as an Australian prisoner-of-war in the short film, An American Piano.

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南京夜网 13/06/2018

Specialists conduct study on giant cuttlefish

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) is currently undertaking a study on giant cuttlefish.
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A PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture spokesperson said the project was undertaken last year.

“The giant cuttlefish is an elusive species and little is known about its movements and migration patterns,” the spokesperson said.

“During the 2012 season a research project was undertaken by SARDI to develop a standard methodology for on-going integrated monitoring and assessment of the giant cuttlefish population abundance, habitat condition and water quality at the iconic Point Lowly aggregation site.”

The spokesperson said previous preliminary data indicated cuttlefish numbers declined in 2012 when compared to 2011.

However the results were inconclusive in being able to point out what caused the decline in cuttlefish at Point lowly.

The research looked at a variety of factors to identify or eliminate potential causes of species decline.

These included investigating the history of the spawning population, determining the relative effect of the environment such as water temperature and storm events, exploring predator and prey relationships and determining the influence of human activity such as coastal industry and fishing.

“SARDI’s work is still underway and the results of the research are still being collated,” the spokesperson said.

“To date research shows that the species experiences natural variations in population abundance and is highly dependant on environmental conditions such as water temperature.”

The spokesperson said the results of the report would help inform the whole government across agency cuttlefish working group which has been established to look at cuttlefish in the state.

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