Senseless torching hits family

IN THE early hours of Monday morning, Phillip Heir and his family didn’t stir as thieves quietly rolled his work ute and trailer out of his Tolland Heights driveway, only to take it to Jubilee Park and torch it.
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The random act of vandalism has left Mr Heir disgusted and his family without an income with the uninsured ute essential to his self-operated business, Aaron’s Hedging and Mowing.

“It’s just all so senseless,” Mr Heir said of the theft.

“They stole the ute so they could just take it to a sporting ground to burn it, which makes it useless to me and to them.”

The ute was locked at the time of the theft.

The trailer, which was loaded with gardening tools, was damaged but is repairable.

The setback comes after Mr Heir only started the small business in April, to support himself and his four children, keeping operating costs low by using the ’94 Mazda Bravo as his work truck.

“You work hard to branch out on your own, which is a big risk,” Mr Heir said of starting his business.

“I just want the people who did this to know what effect they have on other people; I work for what I’ve got.”

Due to a string of car thefts – four in the past five days – in the Central, Mount Austin and Tolland areas, police have reissued a warning to residents urging them to ensure their vehicles are locked and valuables aren’t left in the car.

“Police are urging people to lock their cars,” a spokeswoman said, also urging anyone with information about the incident to contact the station.

“Police would like to hear from anyone who may assist in identifying the people responsible for this crime.”

ROBBED OF AN INCOME: Phillip Heir inspects the remains of his torched ute yesterday, which was stolen and burnt out in the early hours of Monday morning. Picture: Addison Hamilton

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Heartfelt love and thanks

The editor,
Nanjing Night Net

To all persons on the mental health ward Whyalla hospital who helped me recover from a nervous breakdown, thank you

To all chefs, your meals were delicious you should publish your recipes in a booklet people could buy, and I wish you could give some copies to men and women shelters so they can cook them as well.

To Brenton, whom I love more every year and to Kevin , Colleen, Christine, Allan and Bruce plus husbands and wives and children, I will love you always.

Alison McArdle


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World is his roster

It’s been three years since London-born and Melbourne-based media entrepreneur Simon Westcott decided to globalise an international brand, bringing it to Australian audiences.
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Enter Mr & Mrs Smith – a lucrative business idea started by married London couple James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy. The pair inspired Westcott to pool his funds with theirs and start up a joint business venture.

Westcott, a former global publisher and director of the Lonely Planet group – he also did a stint at The Age as marketing and circulation director – is all about bringing boutique hotel living to the minds and hearts of intrepid travellers to Australasia.

“When I was the publisher at Lonely Planet I got to the stage where I wanted my little bit of real estate in a way, to own something as a business,” says Westcott, who is sitting around a large boardroom table wearing a handmade navy blazer tailored in Hong Kong, loafers by British shoemaker Loake and a shirt by Melbourne’s Andrew Chiodo.

If his wardrobe is anything to go by – apart from the fact that he’s one stylish guy – Westcott maps his look from destinations all over the world, much like the business he runs.

Mr & Mrs Smith is like an intellectual book club (or travel club, as they call it) filled with interesting accommodation editorials penned by savvy writers. It comes with a booking service.

Travel has always inspired Westcott. He spent years on the road writing for print and online publications including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Travel + Leisure magazine.

His wide-eyed hunger for embracing other cultures and experiencing something left-field is evident in the places he has visited, from Lebanon to Morocco, Vietnam, Burma and Argentina. His family holidays included trips to Majorca, he hitch-hiked around France with a friend when he was in year 10 and spent his gap year travelling – as you do when you’re DNA-wired with a travel bug.

Westcott, who moved to Australia from London in 1988, is the kind of guy who parks himself on the edge of the seat every time; his life is about taking risks, trying something new and never leaving a moment for boredom to set in.

He likes to keep busy, whether it’s destination-bound or not. He’s hands-on when it comes to running the Melbourne office of Mr & Mrs Smith, and his staff happily interacts with him in the open-plan space when we meet.

He plays sport after hours and owns a property with his partner in Castlemaine with horses and dogs; he was a past board member at Chunky Move and is chair of Malthouse Theatre.

Westcott is also the co-founder of the Dr Ben Keith Myanmar Project in the Inle Lake area of Burma (his dentist partner was so inspired by a trip to Burma that he wanted to help out locals in the township of Nyuangshwe by offering a dental-health program to its residents).

He’s someone who puts his entrepreneur skills to good use, and not just for his own benefit; Westcott believes that it is important to give something back to the community as well.

“When I went to London to meet James and Tam it was pretty straightforward in terms of getting the deal signed, sealed and done,” he says as if merely signing a 24-month contract for a mobile phone.

He describes himself as someone who “got to the entrepreneurial thing late”, but this well-travelled 48-year-old has his finger on the pulse.

Mr & Mrs Smith covers the gamut of what’s cool, not in an unattainable hipster nod to cool, but it’s where you will rub shoulders with hotels that strike a chord with shabby-chic, eco-friendly and boutique decor. Whatever your taste in hotels, the boutique experience of Mr & Mrs Smith is designed to boost your appetite for travel.

“The Mr & Mrs Smith brand is all about publishing a beautiful book and takes incredible care with each photograph that’s printed in the guides. We also have strong editorial integrity too,” says Westcott. “When people book with us and find out what we’re about, people tend to stick with us for their onward journeys.”

The decade-old British brand is all about being a trusted guidebook that comes with an online booking service and an ability to join the club and stay in the know.

“We are more than doubling our figures this year,” says Westcott with a smile.

“I think Aussies are intrepid travellers as a rule, but with the dollar being as good as it is, they are the new rich to some degree and putting this to good use by travelling a lot more. They’re choosing overseas locations over holidays in Port Douglas and want to be sure if they’re getting that far that what they’re picking is the best they can get access to.”

Westcott admits his business is booming, thanks to travellers who previously would have booked accommodation independently or via domestic travel agents.

“When either new or existing customers are booking these places with us, they are doing so less because they are reliant on our recommendation – they will have had lots of people telling them to go and see MONA in Hobart, for example, and mention a couple of interesting boutique hotels there. They book with us because of the ease with Smith and the incentives such as the Smith extras on check-in and our money-back loyalty account.”

Mr & Mrs Smith prefers to write about boutique hotels with 50 rooms or fewer. The experience must be intimate, and style plays a role, too. It’s not exactly like stepping into the online pages of – the company is more like Wallpaper* magazine meets Vogue, as if Louis Vuitton was hanging with Andy Warhol in a hotel foyer somewhere. It’s where style and art converge, shake hands and sleep happily ever after on a delicious hotel pillow.

“No matter how stylish or architecturally amazing your hotel is, if it doesn’t have a place to curl up we don’t really include it,” says Westcott.

“We cover everything from relaxed bohemian tastes to tasteful antique heritage look. There’s eco-chic and shabby-chic, but we’re conscious not to overuse the term luxury because it narrows the market,” he says.

“The service side is important to us, and we verify that on research trips. We tell hotels we’re coming for a site inspection but send back an anonymous reviewer – they are our tastemakers. They have to share our taste and have to take a partner, spend a minimum of two nights and we give them spending money they have to use at the hotel.”

Westcott was born in London in 1964. He was adopted as a baby by Pat and Derek Westcott and has a sister, Sarah. He later discovered he has four half-siblings on both birth parents’ sides.

He learnt the piano as a child and studied at Oxford University with a focus on English literature. Thanks to his godfather Roger Quiller Barrett, a former publisher at Ebury Press, he inherited money when he turned 18, with the stipulation that he had to use the trust fund for travel. “I got the travel bug early and it never really left,” says Westcott.

It’s his understanding of what travellers expect when it comes to hotel culture that has made this business a success.

“Our business’ obsession with quality, style and character is translated into the way we engage with customers,” he says. “We always ask hotels for little extras that speak to our customers. We’re passion advocates, and the experience people have with us means they tend to come back wanting more. It’s like travel – once you start, you keep going.”

■ Details: visit mrandmrssmith南京夜网.

Simon Westcott

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Proposed UpperLachlan Sport and Recreation Centre gets to the next step 

IN December 2012,an official steering committee was formed to assist with facilitating theproposed Upper Lachlan Sport and Recreation Centre.The membersare;Chairman – Charlie Prell,Secretary – Jan Fenton,CommitteeMembers -Jo Marshall,David Carter,Helen Rose,HalRickard Bell,Brenda Proudman,Billie Willis, and Lisa Leonard.
Nanjing Night Net

The steeringcommittee has completed the tender process for the feasibility studyfortheProposed Upper Lachlan Sport and Recreation Centre,andconsulting firm Corengal has been contracted to complete the study. It willcommence in February 2013.

It is suggestedthat the indoor centre include;

* 25m Heated Pool

*Hydrotherapy/Learn to Swim Pool

* Wet Play area

* Indoor Courtwith layout for hockey, soccer, basketball, netball, cricket etc

* Indoor Courtcould also be used for parties, after school and holiday care, karate, dance,conferences or movies.

* Gymnasium

* Change rooms

* Sport andRecreation Club

* Kiosk

There are a fewpossible locations for the indoor aquatic and sporting centre that will beassessed as part of the feasibility study.

In badweather sporting clubs could use the centre to train instead.

Like all otherAquatic centres there will be an entry fee. You can become a member of thewhole centre, or certain facilities.

Our district hasshown its ability to provide national sporting representatives over many years.This facility will assist our sporting community coming on in future years,provide swimming lessons and training, and assist those of us, who are gettingolder, to keep fit and enjoy each other’s company, not to mention the healthand medical benefits.


For all enquiriesplease [email protected]南京夜网-Visit ourwebsitewww.jomarshall8.wix南京夜网/ulsparcor fb: Upper Lachlan Sportand Recreation Centre

Crookwell – A great place to be

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Not another two way street debacle

The editor,
Nanjing Night Net

The Corporation of the City of Whyalla employs people based upon qualifications, expertise and experience in areas relevant to their employment position.

Council members are an extremely dedicated board, elected based on their nomination, their passion for the city and number of votes attained.

With respect to tree selection for Whyalla, my understanding is that an in depth process was undertaken by people employed to have relevant qualifications and/or a wealth of experience in this area.

Issues such as aesthetics, water usage, relevance to the current Whyalla landscape plan, suitability to our local environment etc. were considered at length.

Species were selected and recommendations were made to the council.

Discussion ensued, the chief executive officer engaged landscape consultants and our council, including Mr Carter, voted on and adopted the recommendations of the consultants.

Since then there has been a barrage of articles through the media from councillor Carter opposing the decisions made by council.

How about we give some credit to the process and the people employed to have relevant expertise and let a project plan run to completion for a change.

Let’s not have another two way, one way, two way street debacle, and lumber ratepayers with additional costs of changing a project midstream.

I certainly wouldn’t dream of telling Mr Carter how to run a successful business installing floor coverings.

R Butt


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Raiders race against rain to beat Stags

WITH the heavens threatening to burst open, Bowral Raiders held on to defeat East Bowral Stags by 110 runs at Stephens Park.
Nanjing Night Net

The Raiders posted a total of 171 runs and finished their innings just as the rains started to come down.

Charlie Lawson batted well to score 54, as did skipper Andrew MacLeod (46) and Greg Cruger (41).

When the rain passed the players were back out on the field and the Stags were bowled out for 61 off 14 overs.Lawson again stole the show taking 3-4 and two catches.

Dave Debs and Amitkumar Bhatia also took two wickets with Natansh Parasher finishing with a wicket as well.

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Crookwell Show news

McGeechan FarmSupplies white ribbon
Nanjing Night Net

MCGEECHAN FarmSupplies are once again white ribbon sponsors of the AP&H societies annualCrookwell Show through the cattle section.

“We are pleasedto support the AP&H Societies annual show, it is the main event of the yearhere in Crookwell,” said John McGeechan of McGeechan Farm Supplies.

“We havesupported the show through sponsorship for the past thirty years,” said John.

Fantastic weatherforecast

Show goers forthis coming weekend are in for a real treat with the weather.

“The weather manowes us this one,” said secretary Paul Anderson.


Saturday – Mostlysunny, warm, dry. Min 17 – Max 32.

Sunday – Mostlysunny, warm. Min 15 – Max 26.


The poultrysection is shaping up to be one of the best ever with over 150 entries so farand looking to be close to 170 entries.

At least half ourentries will go onto the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Crookwell poultrysection is the same as the cattle and sheep sections being a lead up show tothe Royal,” commented chief steward Kim George.

“The juniorpoultry section is on Sunday, it is getting better and better each show.

“The juniors lovebringing their fowls in, they receive good encouragement and advice fromestablished breeders.

“I started off bybreeding my own chooks by using an incubator in our high school agricultureclasses, it was great fun. From there as a 15 year old, I went into pure breedingand won at Crookwell Show in 1973.

“It was my firstshow, I still have my ribbon and card,” said Kim.


The AP&Htrotting sub-committee will conduct a fundraiser during the coming weekendshow.

There will be aload of wood as first prize, second prize 20 litres chain and bar oil and thirdprize 20 litres chain and bar oil.

“We are verygrateful to Caltex Energy for their sponsorship of the two drums of oil, it alladds up as a well worthwhile fundraiser,” said secretary Paul Anderson.

Australian BlueRibbon Cookbook

Crookwell Showwill feature in the upcoming Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook by Liz Harfull ofCrafters, South Australia.

Our photographiccopies of the early days of the show society will be a centre point as will ourcooking steward, Reta Beattie.

We are very luckyto have a copy of ‘Turning The First Sod’ of the showgrounds which was on‘Stephenson’s paddock’ where the high school is today.

The photo, 1877,was provided by the late Joe Searle whose dad Bill Searle took the picture.

This photo willfeature in the book, it is the only of its type in known existence.

Footnote: If youdo have a historic photo of the Crookwell Show, please call the CrookwellGazette.

Sydney Royaljudge

Kim George hasbeen invited to judge the Langshanes section of the Sydney Royal Easter Show’spoultry section.

“I have judged inSydney before, it is a wonderful honour to be invited again,” Kim said.

Kim haspreviously judged at the Royal Shows of Sydney (four), Melbourne, Adelaide,Perth and Brisbane (one each).

Bus it to theshow

The AP&H hasarranged a bus service to operate over the coming weekend, Saturday and Sundayfor the Crookwell Show.

The service willbe provided by Kip and Wendy Skelly using their 13-seat mini bus.

The service willoperate on an hourly basis commencing at 9.00am all day whilst demand exists.

Bus plans:

Operates hourlyfrom Spring Street – bus shelter.

* Pick up hourlyfrom Todkil Park.

* Drop off andreturn from East Street showground gates.

* Disabled persondrop off inside Goulburn Road gates (if disabled persons require home pickupplease phone the show secretary on 48321140 to organise.

* All pick up anddrop offs require a gold coin donation.

Yellow ribbonsponsors of Crookwell Show

YELLOW ribbonsponsors of the 2013 show have been coming on board with the AP&H society.

“Our yellowribbon sponsors are an important part of the societies sponsorship program, weappreciate their support,” secretary Paul Anderson commented.

To this point theyellow ribbon sponsors are:

Divall’sEarthmoving and Bulk Haulage – Horse Section

Davies Newsagency– Photography

Australian WoolNetwork Pty Ltd – Flock Ewe Competition

Brian Doyle StoneMasons – Rose and Flower Sections

Tony and NatalieHewitt – Trotting

Crookwell Sport& Toy – Trotting

Roger and GlendaMcIntosh – Cattle

Paul and HenryAnderson – Trotting

Linden Stud –Welsh Pony Section Horses

Monbeef Pty Ltd –Cattle Section

MPC Kanga Hire –Wood Chop

Caltex Energy –Wood Chop

Anthony O’BrienPlumbing – Wood Chop

“We now haveViewfield Herefords as sponsors of the Young Farmer Challenge.

“ViewfieldHerefords will be supplying the Crookwell Young Farmer Challenge representativeshirts,” said Paul.

Volunteers needed

If you’re intovolunteering then the Show Society needs your help.

“We are always alittle short on staff in the show office so if you’re keen to assist even for acouple of hours, we would love to hear from you.” said show secretary PaulAnderson. Phone for information 0417 985 686.


Children’s PetCompetition

The children’spet competition has been cancelled for the 2013 Crookwell Show.

The cancellationis due to work commitments of the Crookwell Veterinary Hospital staff over thecoming weekend.

Horse Ring judges


Ring 1; SeniorRiders – Sarah Wadswort

Ring 2;Intermediate Riders – Jan Denny

Ring 3; JuniorRiding Classes – Harriet Wadsworth

Rind 4; Breeds -Johanne Perry

Ring 5; HeavyHorses – Tony Riley

Ring 6; ShetlandPonies/Light Harness – Leicester Dewsbury


Ring1;Australian Stock Horse – Johanne Perry

Ring 2; LocalRiders and Mounts – Harriet Wadsworth

Ring 3; Breeds -Sarah Wadsworth

Ring 4; CrookwellHotel/Motel Sporting Events – Robbie Hewitt

James Fraser, Mick Carlon, and Gerin Price

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Hill Top celebrate ninth straight victory

HILL TOP Gold remain on top of the third grade ladder after their ninth straight win on Saturday.
Nanjing Night Net

They defeated Bundanoon, who were the last team to beat them, by 52 runs at Boronia Park.

Batting first, Hill Top posted a total of 125.

Skipper Jamie Stevenson scored 50 and was well supported by Rory Holdsworth (43).

With a slow outfield, Stevenson said 125 was worth more runs, probably about the 200 mark.

Adam Stephens picked up 2-16, while Chris Packer cleaned up the tail to finish with figures of 4-4.

“It was a pretty good win. We could have batted a little bit better though,” Stevenson said.

While Hill Top have gone through the competition almost undefeated before, Stevenson said they could be in for a tough finals campaign.

“We’ll see how we go in the finals. There’s a lot of good players that can win games for them (other teams).”

He said Bundanoon were definite contenders sitting in second spot on the ladder.

“Bundanoon have a good team. They’ve got some good players and I don’t think they batted as well as they could have (on Saturday).”

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Golden Wheel to take centre stage in Wagga

MORE than 160 of the best riders from across NSW and the ACT will converge on the city on Saturday for the highly-anticipated Wagga Golden Wheel Carnival.
Nanjing Night Net

Hosted by the Wagga Cycling Club, the annual event is set to pit top class interstate athletes against the Riverina’s own home grown talents.

Among the riders expected to contest the carnival’s feature event, the open Gold Wheel competition, is Dubbo sensation and Australian Champion Andy Taylor.

While Andy is heavily-favoured to take out the premier title, he is expected to face a strong challenge from star Wagga rider Jamie Green.

“Andy just won the Australian Keirin title at the recent National Track Championships in Sydney,” Wagga Cycling Club secretary Rob Housden revealed.

“He will probably start on the scratch mark, but 20-year-old Jamie Green won’t be too far ahead.

“He was part of the New South Wales team that broke the Australian record at the Cycling Australia National Track Championships.”

Green and Taylor are tipped to be among the 20 riders who will qualify for Saturday night’s Golden Wheel final.

“There should be a good mix of top riders from all around NSW, as well as two to four local riders qualify for the final,” Housden said.

“Both male and female open’s and under 19 year’s riders will have the chance to compete in the heats of the Golden Wheel, which is a 2000 metre handicap event.”

Wagga rider Simone Alexander was yesterday ear-marked as one of the female riders to watch to at the championships, while juniors Emily Bruce and Cody Green are among the young riders hoping for success.

“We are really lucky to have a lot of very good junior riders,” Housden said.

There will be 15 divisions contested during the carnival, with the youngest competitors competing in the under 9 years category.

Competition will commence at 5.30pm on Saturday, with the Golden Wheel final likely to race between 7.30pm and 8pm.

The Golden Wheel is one of Wagga Cycling Club’s biggest events on the calendar, alongside the city’s Classic Road Race.

TALENTED TRIO: Wagga Cycling Club riders Joseph Cole, Will Francis and Joben Smith take a break from training for Saturday’s Golden Wheel. Pictures: Jacinta Coyne

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Homeless wait ‘years’ for public housing 

EASTERN suburbs families are being forced to wait years on public housing waiting lists, a local expert says.
Nanjing Night Net

During this time they are living in unsound and sometimes dangerous places while their application is processed.

General manager of homelessness services at UnitingCare Harrison, Mark Dixon, said public housing waiting lists had always been an issue that was now only intensifying.

“In the waiting process a lot [of families] are being forced to live in unregistered and unsafe rooming houses. What we’re concerned about is that many of these places house people exiting prison, mental institutes etcetera, and people can leave these places more damaged than when they entered.”

State government figures show that the eastern metropolitan region public housing waiting lists rose by 1.1 per cent [49 applicants] in the December quarter.

Public housing allows low income families to live in publicly funded housing where rent is capped at a fixed percentage of income.

Mr Dixon said the number of applicants at the Ringwood housing office — 2113 — was likely to be much higher in reality.

“While waiting for housing many people turn to family members, cars, tents, just wherever they can. And they become transient. The problem is when they do this many don’t tell the department their new address, and thus can’t be put on the waiting lists. So we suspect [the number] is bigger than current waiting lists indicate.

“My concern is that we need to substantially grow our stock [properties] on the ground. It comes down to dollars and [public housing] properties. That will address homelessness.”

State Housing Minister Wendy Lovell said that despite the rise, the government had lowered the statewide waiting list by 4000 compared with the previous Labor government.

However, shadow housing minister Richard Wynne said the initial reduction in the waiting list was because the federal government invested in housing, but that funding had ended.

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Gremlins demolish Bowral Taipans

WITH the finals of indoor hockey getting closer, so too are the games.In A grade Dangleberries had a 4-2 win over Gryffindoor.Shane Wipp scored two goals for Dangleberries with Kathy Buffett and Gus Schofield also scoring a goal each.
Nanjing Night Net

For Gryffindoor, Sean Cross and Megan Eringa were the goal scorers.Transformers beat Razzle Dazzle 5-3.

Ben Donovan scored three goals for Tranformers and Briony Reeves and Jack Donovan got the other two.

The goals were spread around for Razzle Dazzle between Hamish Kinsella, Cameeon Hughes and Rhiann Drewe.Hit for Brains had a good 6-2 win over BENton Fitness.

Ben Wright scored three goals for Hit for Brians while Mark Bisby, Claire Howe and Jamie Bow got the other three.

Hannah Urquhart and Rowan Tickner scored for BENton Fitness.

In B grade division one, Rebels edge out Titans to win 4-3.Tim Eringa, Blake Hill and Sean Cross all found the back of the net for Titans.

Water Buffalos had a comfortable 7-2 win over Wang Kings.Lauren Fahey, Jack Donovan and Brendan McDonald all scored two goals for Water Buffalos and Belinda Gilroy also found the back of the net.For Wang Kings, Mia Lavers scored both goals.

There were some close matches in division two with Swoosh just beating Fiddlesticks 3-2 in a tight match.

Jarrod Ireland got two goals for Swoosh and Tina Moore also scored.Wade Spence and Regan Economos were the goal scorers for Fiddlesticks.

High Voltage were victorious over The Rookies 6-2.Sam Airey (two), Josh Wilis, Josh Ditton, Craig Whatman and Hannah Whatman all scored for High Voltage.

For The Rookies it was Hayden Kerr and Jack Bennett who found the back of the net.

Toxic Potatoes and Whatever had a 3-3 draw.Zac Moran (two) and Steve McNaught scored for Toxic Potatos while Vickie Webb, Garth McClay and Quentin Kenneally found the back of the net for Whatever.

In the juniors, Robo Invincibles kept Bowral Blue Tongues scoreless as they went on to win 2-0, with Harrison Hill scoring both goals.

Gremlins had a massive 18-0 win over Bowral Taipans.Sarah Jane Seville scored an impressive 10 goals, Zac Seville scored three, Theo Ungle and Holly Thomson got two each and Zac Lake also scored one.

Avengers edged out Vipers to win 3-2.

Jordan Lilly scored two for Avengers and Russell Tully also found the back of the net.For Vipers, Lucinda Knowles and Jakeb Holland were the goal scorers.

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