Resilient wallabies found in Warrumbungle National Park

ENDANGERED brush-tailed rock wallabies have been found in the Warrumbungle National Park, survivors of the devastating fire that ripped through the area last month.
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Office of Environment and Heritage threatened species officer Todd Soderquist said images of the marsupials were captured on infrared cameras that were set up in locations where it was hoped survivors would be.

“We are pleased to now discover the cameras have picked up photographs of what we believe to be four different animals, telling us we do have survivors among a colony that we have been monitoring for the past decade,” Dr Soderquist said.

He said the rock wallabies appeared to be healthy. They were discovered in an area where animals bred in captivity were released in 2009.

It is believed some of these rock wallabies survived alongside animals native to the site.

But the full impact of the fire on wildlife is not known.

A spokesman from the Office of Environment and Heritage said estimating the numbers of wildlife killed or injured in a bushfire was difficult.

“In this case we know there have been casualties, but the Australian bush is remarkably resilient to bushfire and we always hear some incredible survival stories – kangaroos and wallabies have been seen in some areas, as have other species such as frogs,” the spokesman said.

Dr Soderquist said searches would be expanded to other sites in the park and the cameras would be monitored in coming weeks, in the hopes of finding more brush-tailed rock wallabies and other species.

Anyone who finds injured wildlife should contact their local wildlife care group, such as WIRES.

ALIVE: An infrared camera image of the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby, which has survived the devastating fires in the Warrumbungle National Park.

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Barossa and Gawler Tennis

Division One
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Lyndoch Gold 5-5-74 def by Vine Vale 11-11-92.

Jenner, Brett; Earl, Logan (LG) 8 v Dahlitz, Wade; Hage, James (VV) 9; Powell, Sam; Pretlove, Zak (LG) 9 v Absolom, Nathan; Neldner, Lachlan (VV) 4; Koch, Emily; Fromm, Carlene (LG) 0 v Samain, Megan; Herrera, Vanessa (VV) 9; Fromm, Jessica; Earl, Morghan (LG) 7 v Hooper, Natalie; Karvouniaris, Sarah (VV) 9.

Jenner, Brett (LG) 4 v Dahlitz, Wade (VV) 6; Earl, Logan (LG) 1 v Hage, James (VV) 6; Powell, Sam (LG) 6 v Absolom, Nathan (VV) 3; Pretlove, Zak (LG) 3 v Neldner, Lachlan (VV) 6; Koch, Emily (LG) 4 v Samain, Megan (VV) 6; Fromm, Carlene (LG) 6 v Herrera, Vanessa (VV) 7; Fromm, Jessica (LG) 6 v Hooper, Natalie (VV) 2; Earl, Morghan (LG) 6 v Karvouniaris, Sarah VV) 1.

Jenner, Brett; Powell, Sam (LG) 2 v Dahlitz, Wade; Absolom, Nathan (VV) 6; Earl, Logan; Pretlove, Zak (LG) 4 v Hage, James; Neldner, Lachlan (VV) 6; Koch, Emily; Fromm, Jessica (LG) 1 v Samain, Megan; Hooper, Natalie (VV) 6; Fromm, Carlene; Earl, Morghan (LG) 7 v Herrera, Vanessa; Karvouniaris, Sarah (VV) 6.

Kapunda 16-16-110 def Lyndoch Blue 0-0-41.

Christley, Thomas; Matters, David (K) 9 v Liebelt, Edward; Carmody, Alan (LB) 7; Matters, Michael; Prior, Grant (K) 9 v Williams, Dave; Broadhead, Joel (LB) 5; Daniel, Karen; Gerhardy, Mandy (K) 9 v Jenner, Sharon; Crouch, Anne (LB) 3; Mickan, Helen; Johnson, Sarah (K) 9 v Cocks, Karen; Sumpton, Julie (LB) 4.

Christley, Thomas (K) 6 v Lane, Andrew (LB) 2; Matters, Michael (K) 6 v Carmody, Alan (LB) 3; Matters, David (K) 6 v Williams, Dave (LB) 2; Prior, Grant (K) 7 v Broadhead, Joel (LB) 5; Daniel, Karen (K) 6 v Jenner, Sharon (LB) 1; Gerhardy, Mandy (K) 6 v Crouch, Anne (LB) 0; Mickan, Helen (K) 6 v Cocks, Karen (LB) 2; Johnson, Sarah (K) 6 v Sumpton, Julie (LB) 0.

Matters, Michael; Matters, David (K) 7 v Lane, Andrew; Carmody, Alan (LB) 6; Christley, Thomas; Prior, Grant (K) 6 v Williams, Dave; Broadhead, Joel (LB) 1; Daniel, Karen; Mickan, Helen (K) 6 v Jenner, Sharon; Sumpton, Julie (LB) 0; Gerhardy, Mandy; Johnson, Sarah (K) 6 v Crouch, Anne; Cocks, Karen (LB) 0.

Xavier Saints 6-6-82 def by Nuriootpa 10-10-92

McGee, Damian; Buckby, Roger (XS) 8 v Reincke, Alex; Pope, Nathan (N) 9; Polito, Robert; Roe, Daniel (XS) 4 v Smith, Graham; Reincke, Patrick (N) 9; Leeflang, Melanie; Polito, Jayne (XS) 5 v Falkenberg, Kylie; Crowhurst, Annie (N) 9; Fisher, Karen; Molloy, Heidi (XS) 7 v Marschall, Gabrielle; Hinderwell, Vicki (N) 9.

McGee, Damian (XS) 4 v Reincke, Alex (N) 6; Buckby, Roger (XS) 0 v Pope, Nathan (N) 6; Polito, Robert (XS) 3 v Smith, Graham (N) 6; Butcher, Wayne (XS) 3 v Reincke, Patrick (N) 6; Leeflang, Melanie (XS) 6 v Falkenberg, Kylie (N) 1; Polito, Jayne (XS) 7 v Crowhurst, Annie (N) 6; Fisher, Karen (XS) 6 v Marschall, Gabrielle (N) 1; Molloy, Heidi (XS) 4 v Hinderwell, Vicki (N) 6.

McGee, Damian; Butcher, Wayne (XS) 6 v Reincke, Alex; Smith, Graham (N) 7; Buckby, Roger; Roe, Daniel (XS) 6 v Pope, Nathan; Reincke, Patrick (N) 4; Leeflang, Melanie; Fisher, Karen (XS) 6 v Falkenberg, Kylie; Hinderwell, Vicki (N) 2; Polito, Jayne; Molloy, Heidi (XS) 7 v Crowhurst, Annie; Marschall, Gabrielle (N) 5.

Division Two

Willaston had a bye; Kapunda

12-97 def 4-47 South Gawler White; Tod Street 9-82 def 7-77 Nuriootpa; South Gawler Blue v Lyndoch.

Division Three

Freeling v Willaston; Keyneton had a bye; Lyndoch 10-95 def 6-75 Virginia; Willaston United 10-78 def 6-62 Vine Vale.

Division Two Boys

Lyndoch Blue 0-0-19 def by 6-6-42

Willaston; Angaston White 1-1-25 def by 5-5-39

Freeling; Trinity College 4-4-40 def 2-2-30 Angaston Blue; Nuriootpa

v Lyndoch Gold; Vine Vale

1-1-14 def by 5-5-40 Xavier Saints.

Division One Girls

Tod Street 3-3-31 def by 3-3-33 Willaston United; Kapunda 2-2-26 def by 4-4-35 Lyndoch.

Division Two Girls

Trinity College 0-0-23 def by 6-6-43 Xavier Saints; Angaston 4-4-39 def 2-2-24.

Barossa & Light Tennis Association Junior Results

Division Three:

Tanunda Black 4-4-28 def 2-2-20 Angaston; Tanunda White 2-2-23 def by 4-4-35 Tanunda Silver; Lyndoch 2-2-20 def by 4-4-30 Kapunda; Nuriootpa had the bye.

Division Four:

Kapunda Red 2-2-24 def by 4-4-32 Lyndoch; Vine Vale Green 3-3-26 def 3-3-23 Kapunda Black; Marananga 3-3-24 def by 3-3-28 Freeling; Angaston 4-4-33 def 2-2-15 Vine Vale White.

Division Five:

Vine Vale 3-3-29 def 3-3-28 Kapunda Black; Freeling 2-2-25 def by 4-4-33 Tanunda Black; Nuriootpa 6-6-36 def 0-0-10 Eden Valley-Keyneton; Kapunda Red 1-1-24 def by 5-5-34 Tanunda White.

Division Six:

Tanunda White 5-5-35 def 1-1-16 Vine Vale White; Tanunda Black 2-2-18 def by 4-4-30 Angaston; Kapunda 0-0-9 def by 6-6-36 Vine Vale Green; Nuriootpa 5-5-31 def 1-1-20 Lyndoch.

Division Seven (Green Ball):

Angaston White 2-2-26 def by 4-4-29; Nuriootpa; Eden Valley-Keyneton 1-1-14 def by 5-5-33 Freeling Red; Angaston Blue 5-5-33 def 1-1-18 Kapunda; Vine Vale White 3-3-24 def by 3-3-29 Tanunda; Freeling Blue 6-6-36 def 0-0-23 Vine Vale Green.

Barossa and Light night

Monday night red:

Monday’s matches were cancelled due to the Australia Day public holiday.

Monday night white/blue:

Monday’s matches were cancelled due to the Australia Day public holiday.

Wednesday night red:

Round 13 : Match Fixers 10-67 def Toyota Cruisers 2-29; Tanunda Downunder 8-56 def Gibsonwines南京夜网 4-47; Hermansberg 9-68 def Angaston Panthers 3-45; Lyndoch Leftovers 9-63 def Chasers 3-45.

Wednesday night white/blue: Round 13 : Mixers 7-64 def The Whackits 5-58; Manooknas 7-55 def Tiggers 5-41; VVTC Bottles 10-70 def Angaston Blues 2-37; Rebels 10-62 def What A Racquet 2-31; The Bye 12-72 def Space Cadets 0-14.

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Townies take aswing at Mongarlowe

The BraidwoodTownies took on the Mongarlowe girls at the Mongarlowe Cricket Club on Sundayafternoon. While the pitch was a little overgrown about 20 players turned upfor the not so regular, every couple of months women’s softball game. Ref JennyStahl had been studying up on the rule book and wasn’t taking any interference,tackling or back chat without penalty. US import Kim lifted the tone of thematch and was a match for the ‘take no prisoners’ pitch of Jo Parsons. SluggerMel Heycocks had a good run around the bases to see the Townies win 36 to 24after several hours play.
Nanjing Night Net

Field of Dreamers – softball at Mongarlowe.

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Redlands eligible for state storm hardship payments 

BAY island residents have been warned they are ineligible to claim for federal government storm relief.
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Bowman MP Andrew Laming said island residents who experienced hardship after last month’s cyclonic storm were ineligible for Centrelink’s Australian Government Disaster Relief Payment grants.

However, Mr Laming said Redland residents, who believe they suffered hardship after the storms, are eligible to apply for the National Disaster Recovery and Relief Arrangement payment, a joint state and federal government grant.

Residents wanting to make claims must now contact the state government Department of Communities, which held its final assistance meeting for southern Moreton Bay islands residents on Russell Island on Saturday.

Residents whose power was out for more than 48hours are eligible to apply to the state government’s Department of Communities for the hardship grant, which ranges from $180 to $900 for a family.

To receive the grant, residents must be assessed by a Community Recovery Centre and found to be eligible.

Bowman MP Andrew Laming said the National Disaster Recovery Relief Arrangement was for residents who needed money to buy items including fuel for generators because they had no power and to replace food that went off when there was no refrigeration.

Mr Laming also warned Redland residents not to apply for Centrelink’s Australian Government Disaster Relief Payment grants, which were only for Fraser Coast, Gympie, Gladstone and Bundaberg residents.

Emergency Management minister Nicola Roxon made the Centrelink grants of $1000 for adults and $400 for children available when she declared the four areas natural disaster zones.

“People are getting confused about what they are eligible to claim for after a mix up with payments for power outages in 2011,” Mr Laming said.

“After the 2011 floods, the minister said the southern bay islands were eligible for the $1000 Australian Government Disaster Relief Payment and now island residents are expecting it again.

“But this time, the minister has not declared the islands, or any part of Redlands, as one of the four affected areas.

“Up north there was flooding but down here the main problem was that the power was off,” he said.

Mr Laming said the payments were “demand driven” and the government was unlikely to know the full cost to the taxpayer of the payments until the May federal Budget.

“We’re still unsure whether the government will introduce another flood levy to cover the payment costs,” he said.

As flood clean-up efforts continued across Redland over the weekend, mayor Karen Williams thanked emergency services workers, SES, volunteers, Energex and council staff.

Council staff received more than 550 call-outs and crews are still cleaning up roads, footpaths and parks.

Power was restored to most of the city by Wednesday night but some parts of Birkdale and Ormiston were still experiencing outages on Friday morning.

Those who still don’t have power but their neighbours do, should phone Energex on 136 262.

Cr Williams also encouraged residents to take advantage of a free clean green waste kerbside collection on Monday, February 11.

Clean green waste from the storm, which will be recycled, must be out on the footpath by Sunday February 10.

No furniture, concrete or timber products will be accepted.

Cr Williams urged residents to remove dead leaves and clean out gutters in a bid to stay safe in the event of another severe storm or fire season.

“While we’ve recently experienced storms, it is also bushfire season so have a plan for both and make sure you have an emergency kit at home containing essential items that you may need including a first aid kit and a flashlight with extra batteries,” she said.

For a full Household Emergency Kit checklist

Redland residents are eligible for one of two government grants after Cyclone Oswald

Redland residents are eligible for one of two government grants after Cyclone Oswald

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Daylesford wins one-day title in tight contest

THE Daylesford Cricket Club has claimed the A-Reserve one-day premiership after defeating Campbells Creek by two wickets.
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In a tight contest on Sunday, Daylesford was able to score the winning runs, winning the Bob Pratt Shield.

The game was played at Wesley Hill in Castlemaine.

It begun when Daylesford won the toss and sent Campbells Creek into bat.

Daylesford opening bowlers Michael Cummings and Sam Winnard battled hard with no luck with Cummings having a questionable decision go against the fast pace bowler.

With the score on 42 young gun Aidan Mill took his chance with a direct hit to run out Dzioba for 14.

A few overs later Jason Mackley had Adamson diving at a wider ball and edged it through to keeper Pat Helper for 25.

It was then captain Chris Adams’ turn to get in on the action when Farrell went for the big one but held out to Mackley, running backwards in the deep to take a tough catch.

Mackley then did the job with the ball bowling Bieth for 21.

The next two wickets went for only 2 runs with Helper catching a sharp catch off the bowling of Adams and Cummings with a huge throw to Helper to run Stubbings out for a duck.

With the score on 77 Campbells Creek were looking in a lot of trouble before Sartori came to the crease and combined with Walsh to put on a 66-run partnership.

However Cummings again showed some excellent fielding in the deep to catch Sartori on 56 off the bowling of Darcy Shewell.

Winnard then got his first wicket getting Walsh caught in front LBW for 14.

Campbells Creel finished their 40 overs with a score of 8/159.

Daylesford having a tough total to chase down began well with opening duo Helper and Adams putting on 20 runs before Adams leg hit the ball to square leg and was out for 10.

Mackley then came to the crease and hit four 4s in his knock of 27 before skying a ball to deep cover.

With the score on 58, drinks were taken and Daylesford still had a fair bit of work to do

In the next over after drinks Helper drove the ball to mid on and was out for 17.

Mill and Winnard put on 44 run partnership which included a 6 from Winnard which carried onto the next oval, before Mill edged a ball through to the keeper and was out for 20.

Shewell then came to the crease with Daylesford needing 57 runs off 8 overs to win and hit 17 off about 10 balls, which brought the chase down to a run a ball.

After Shewell edged one through to the keeper, Cummings joined Winnard at the crease and when Winnard was bowled for 23 the pressure was on.

Cade O’Brien made 7 before being bowled by Campbells Creek captain Adamson.

Brett Marshall was next in and put on 10 with Cummings to bring the score to 155 which included a huge six from Cummings over square leg. Daylesford then needed 5 runs off 12 balls with two wickets in hand.

Matthew Bolton managed to get some pad on a ball down leg side and run 3.

It was then up to Marshall who played a cover drive to bring up the winning runs. Xavier Keighran finished 0 not out and Marshall finished 2 not out.

The Daylesford Cricket Club A reserve side.

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Improve yourproductivity by working on soil health and balance 

MCGEECHAN FarmSupplies are proud to announce they have become the local distributor forBioAg.
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John McGeechanhas been in the farm supplies business for over 30 years servicing Crookwelland surrounds with products and advice on all areas of farming practicesincluding agriculture chemicals, drenches, seeds and fertilisers.

BioAg are aNarrandera based manufacturer of solid and liquid biological soil and plantnutrition products, which it markets to farmers in programs to improve theirsoils, crops, pastures and animal health.

Phil Kelly, localArea Manager said the business is to assist farmers to improve theirproductivity by working on soil health and balance.

“McGeechan FarmSupplies are a great fit for our range and are well respected in the area.”

BioAg’s range ofbiologically digested reactive phosphate rock (RPR) based products are madefrom high quality RPR imported from Egypt.

This is unloadedin Geelong Port (Victoria) and at the BioAg site at Batesford Quarry, outsideGeelong, the RPR is treated with a biological digester made at our Narranderaplant.

This processreleases the phosphorus making it plant available, both immediately, and forcontinuous release and the improved soil microbial activity “unlocks”previously-applied nutrients.

The rockphosphate contains beneficial soil microbes which ensures that 40 per cent ofthe phosphorus is available to the plant immediately, the remainder beingslowly released as needed.

Microbes in thesoil play an important role in the process of releasing phosphorus to plants asis well documented by independent research.

The processenables the build-up of “Capital P”, or a reservoir of future availablephosphorus.

One of BioAg’sproducts is BioAgPhos S10 and is ideal for higher rainfall acidic soils.

It contains 12%phosphorous, 10% sulphur and 31% calcium and is less than single superphosphatein price on a “per unit of P” basis but, most importantly, the phosphoruscomponent doesn’t lock up in the soil and has the following benefits:

* Rejuvenatesnatural soil fertility and structure

* Improves plantgrowth, nutritional value and yields

* Can be easilymixed with lime and/or gypsum

* Applied using abelt spreader or by aircraft

Call James Fraserat McGeechans to discuss your on farm requirements and to organise an on farmappraisal.

Phone on (02)48321066.

(l-r) Phil Kelly, Area Manager for Bio Ag with McGeechan’s staff Gerin Price, Mick Carlon and James Fraser.

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On the Agenda

Palerang CouncilMeeting Thursday Feb 7 at Bungendore at 5pm
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MOVED thatCouncil staff prepare a report for Council’s May 2013 meeting, on the subjectof AM radio reception in Palerang, in particular ABC Local Radio as thedesignated Emergency Broadcaster, and options to improve reception to a degreethat it can be picked up by a battery-powered radio, with the following to beconsidered in the report:

* thegeographical extent of problems with reception, already known to be minimal inthe towns of Captains Flat and Braidwood;

* options forimprovement, including but not necessarily limited to a repeater(rebroadcasting) service in a single or multiple locations, and approximatecosts, and

* licensingrequirements for establishing a rebroadcasting service, as per the ABC andAustralian Communications and Media Authority.


A report notesthe State’s reform agenda is gathering pace and Council must move quickly toensure that it can settle on its preferred position, backed by communitysupport.

A motionRecommended that Council:

1. develop aconsultation strategy to inform the community of the State Government’s reformagenda and to ascertain the community’s view on the most appropriate form oflocal government for the area, recognising that different parts of Palerang mayhave different preferences, and

2. engageshort-term resources to assist with the above consultation process.

“There have beenmany reports about the sustainability of local government across Australia, butlocal government in NSW is perhaps in the most parlous condition. Past reportshave proven a massive “black-hole” in infrastructure renewal and replacement.This backlog of work is increasing annually at an alarming rate while localgovernment’s income is trending down in real terms.

The researchundertaken by the Independent Local Government Review Panel, and many of thepast reports, is available through the ILGRP’s website

But localgovernment’s financial plight is only one aspect of the debate about the futureof local government. Another obvious question is whether the current structureof local governments, in many cases over 100 years old, is still relevant inthe twenty-first century.

The issue iscomplex, and there many options for possible solutions. It is important for thecommunity to be actively involved.

There areessentially two approaches Council can take, namely:

* adopt a“leadership approach” and develop a recommended approach that it presents tothe community, and

* seek communityinput prior to developing a position.

Both optionsrequire the community to be fully informed about the issues, and that Councilis confident that any submission it makes in response to the ILGRP’s draftreport, due in March, has the broad support of the community.

The staffrecommendation was drafted to be broad enough to cater for both options. “


Cr Richard Grahamis seeking a rezoning for several lots on Ellendon Street Bungendore, adjacentto the Carrington Inn.


Throughout thepreparation of the draft Palerang Local Environmental Plan 2012, Council hasdiscussed undertaking a rural lands study once the draft local environmentalplan has been substantially progressed.The study would enable Council to develop a twenty-year strategic planfor the rural and rural residential areas of the entire local governmentarea.

The NSW governmentis currently inviting grant applications under the Planning Reform Fund Programthat support the government’s strategic policy and service delivery areas.

Recommended that:

1. Council submita grant application under the Planning Reform Fund Program Round 8 for thepreparation of a rural lands study; and

2. that the studyconsider:

* the minimum lotsize for the RU1 Primary Production and RU2 Rural Landscape land use zones;

* whether asubdivision ‘averaging’ provision is to be applied in the former Tallaganda,Mulwaree, Goulburn-Mulwaree and Gunning local government areas, and

* outstandingrezoning proposals relating to rural or rural residential land.


An extension ofthe sewerage system to service properties in the light industrial area, andadjacent residential properties, to the west of Araluen Road at Braidwood isput forward for Council’s approval.


The draftPalerang Media and Social Media Policy 2013 is presented for adoption.

There is nolegislative requirement for councils to adopt a policy on their interactionwith the media and/or social media. Such policies are developed individually bycouncils to establish clear guidelines on who is authorised to representCouncil and how interactions with the media and social media are to be managed.


Palerang Council’s Meeting Thursday Feb 7 at Bungendore at 5pm

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Show a car lovers’ paradise

YOU don’t have to be a lover of old cars to enjoy this weekend’s Gnoo Blas Classic car show at Jack Brabham Park on Saturday.
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Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club president Denis Gregory says this year’s event will showcase almost every make of car from tiny Fiat 500s to Cadillacs and Ferraris, drag cars, street cars, new cars and motorcycles.

“There’s something for everybody,” Mr Gregory said.

“Orange helicopters will also be there and kids can get free laps of the old track in some of the classic cars that will be on display.”

Special guests at the show and enthusiasts’ dinner on Saturday night include motor racing legends Jim Richards and Colin Bond, who between them have won every major motor sport championship in Australia.

“Jim Richards is still racing and he’ll bring two of his cars to Orange, a JPS BMW and the Shannons Porsche,” Mr Gregory said.

Both drivers will be given a civic reception on Saturday afternoon.

Special displays on Saturday include a tricked-up Ford GT R highway patrol car that’s being brought to Orange by Senior Sergeant Mark Stevens.

“It’ll line up next to a New York police car and one of seven special Nissan Skyline cars built for the Tasmania police,” Mr Gregory said.

“Darryl Bush from Canberra will also show his world rally car Corolla and one of [rally driver] Neal Bates’s Toyota 86s.”

Charles McCarron from Canowindra will also be at Saturday’s event with his 1948 Holden.

People at the show will also have a sneak peek at a simulator based on the Gnoo Blas track as it was when races were held there in the 1950s.

There’s 12 categories for judging at the event including car of the show, best Holden and Ford, best street car, best local car, best clunker, best motorcycle and best club display with trophies donated by Shannons Insurance, Meguiars and John Davis Motors.

On Sunday some of the visitors will go on a short scenic drive to the Pinnacle and Lake Canobolas and then to the Orange Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch.

“The Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club wants to keep alive the history of the old track through the annual car show so some of the entrants can tour the old road circuit at the posted limits,” Mr Gregory said.

Mr Gregory said the show was now firmly established as one of the best and most popular in NSW.

SHOW TIME: Shane Reddan’s 1964 EH Holden will be on display at this weekend’s Gnoo Blas Classic car show. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0205cars3

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Age shouldn’t be a barrier

JANE Clarke is an inspiration.
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Ms Clarke was awarded Apprentice of the Year at an Australia Day ceremony.

Since September last year she has been working as an apprentice at Daylesford restaurant Mercato, were she has been working alongside a team of professionals.

Ms Clarke said receiving the award was a surprise but I think she is a deserved winner.

At the age of 54 she realised that there was more to learn about food and cooking so she decided to get an apprenticeship and learn from the best.

I think this is an amazing achievement.

Members of the community who are in a similar situation to Ms Clarke should follow in her footsteps.

Ms Clarke admitted that sometimes it was hard to balance her work and home life but said her desire to know more about food and the food industry led her to become an apprentice.

She had previously owned her own cafe but felt there was more she needed to know about the industry.

“I wanted a sense of completion,” Ms Clarke said.

“I thought I could do more with my life, which is why I decided to become an apprentice.”

It goes to show if you put your mind to something you can succeed at any age.

With a click of a button these days you can have access to almost anything.

There are online courses you can take that make it easier for busy people to go back to school or do an apprenticeship.

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Regardless of opinion, we all deserve respect

In response to Lorraine Nicholls’ belief (“New Year’s Eve procession a success”, letters, January 23) that “tirades” were launched at Lyndall Jenkins before Christmas, may I remind her that the letters directed at Lyndall’s point of view were in response to Lyndall’s own letter.
Nanjing Night Net

They were not tirades, they were opinions, as were her comments, and it is sad that anyone imagines that this is a bad thing. We were both participating in our community in a democratic way.

I am proud to be able to express opinions in the way I do. I am proud to belong to a country that encourages free speech and citizen involvement. But it is something that some people forget.

The central feature of any democracy is the right to be heard. It is hard sometimes to have to listen to views that are different from your own but that is the essence of what a democracy is.

And that means that all sides of every issue need respect. Respect means having the ability to tolerate differences, the curiosity to consider others’ points of view and the understanding that even when we don’t agree, we are involved in community in a fundamentally important way.

As for the fabulous New Year’s Eve Parade; I sat on a float with a so called “pillar” of our society and was pleased to do so. There were other pillars around us as well.

Please make sure you can back up sarcastic assertions, Lorraine. It doesn’t help anything if you are wrong.

Carol Oliver,


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End of an era

LAST Wednesdayone of Crookwell’s main street icons, Lynams Restaurant, shut its doors forgood.
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A place where somany people have met, groups have come together and a family has become part ofthe community, it was a sad day for the owners, Russell and Maureen Lynam.

“We have beenhere since 1984,” said Maureen when I met with her shortly before they shut thedoors.

“But our firstlittle shop, where Coffee Buzz stands now, opened in 1979.”

Lynams became anicon when, for many years, it became part of countless locals’ lives.

When it wassituated at the end of Goulburn Street from 1979 it spent five years as aconvenience store and take away café. There were no sit down meals back then.

In 1984 theymoved into the old Farmers and Graziers building and that’s where they stayedfor the duration.

“Originally itwas a corner style store with a petitioned off area and deli,” said Maureen.

“But after thesupermarkets came into town we changed into what it became today.”

A very emotionaltime, and understandably so, both Russell and Maureen agreed the thing theywould miss the most is the people.

“I’m going tomiss the people and community immensely,” said Russell.

“We have met somelovely people, even highly distinguished people over the years.

“It has been apart of life.

“It has been alovely life.”

When asked whathe was going to do when his day-to-day life as he knew it ended, Russell saidhe didn’t intend to do much.

“I don’t intendto do a lot when I retire,” he said.

“I did intend toretire on the golf course, but my ankle is not good enough!”

Maureen said shetoo will miss working with the Crookwell people.

“I have met andgot to know a lot of good people over the years,” she said.

“A lot of goodfriendships have been formed.”

Maureen said itwas health reasons that made the final decision to shut an easier one.

“Both Russell andI made the decision to shut the business after it had been on the market for afew months,” said Maureen.

“One Saturday, afew weeks ago, Russell wasn’t well enough to work, but he pushed himself to behere.

“That made up mymind, it was time to close and prepare for a clearing sale,” she said.

“The bottom lineis; if our health was good, we would still be here.”

The firstclearing sale, on March 3, will be the collectables, and the second, scheduledMarch 17, will be all catering goods.

“It’s not goingto be easy,” said Maureen.

“But I will getto see who gets what.

“It will be achance for people to pick up a piece of Lynam’s memorabilia, of history.”

As true to herstyle as ever, Maureen will be catering for the morning tea and lunches at eachclearing sale.

Open seven days aweek, Lynams was rarely closed. They were there when you needed a quick cuppaor a comfort snack of warm scones and cream. They were there when you needed aplace to meet or a place to make you feel at home.

“People wouldcome in here because they knew every time they did they would be treated thesame,” Maureen said.

“People felt sovery comfortable and I know for some it was like a refuge.”

Over the yearsLynams played host to many groups, big and small, throughout the community.

Some more wellknown ones were the breast cancer survivor ladies, whom Maureen was a part of,widowed ladies, stitch and sew, Probus book club and Catholic Women’s League.

“We even had awedding here once, said Maureen.

“It wasabsolutely beautiful and created another lasting memory for me.

“That’s what thisplace did, created memories.”

Two of herdearest friends and compatriots from the breast cancer survivors group areMarie Hearn and Margaret Whittaker.

They are going tomiss both Lynams and Maureen immensely.

“Lynams sponsoredour group for 10 years,” said Margaret.

“Our friendshipwith Maureen grew stronger over the years even though we both knew herbeforehand.”

Maureen stillthanks the ladies for getting her through when her health was at its worst.

“We are going tomake sure we continue to look after her,” said Marie.

“The friendshipwill continue on.”

Maureen knows herlife will be different and things will be emotional for a while.

“It has been ourlife for so many years,” she said.

“We have met alot of beautiful, caring and interesting people.

“Even Sir ThomasIngelby was here and not long ago sent us a message asking how we were!

“But we have tothank the locals, they are so special to us, they were our bread and butter.

“They have alsosupported me unconditionally through my illness.

“But it was niceto know that the visitors of town would make their way here too, they toppedthings off for us and deserve a special thank you as well,” she said.

Someone who knowsMaureen and her family well is local identity, John Kensit, formally of“Evermore”, Narrawa.

“I knew Maureenand her mother and father well, long before the business was established,” saidJohn.

“I guess youcould say I have known both sides of the family all of my life.

“I used to alwaysgo there, on my own and with my son Hilton. That was the main place I ate,” hesaid.

“No one wouldhave more respect for Maureen than I would.

“She would beworking all day and then go home and cook cakes and slices during the night forthe next day.

“To tell you thetruth, I will be sad to see Lynams go, but I’m also happy that they are goingto look after themselves and their health.”

Maureen admittedthe restaurant became their entire life early on in the piece and has continuedthat way for the last 34 years.

“Yes, it has beenour life. It has been a life experience,” said Maureen.

Indeed it hasbeen an experience.

One I am sureCrookwell will never forget, the place or the people that ran it.

Russell and Maureen Lynam

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.