Forest deal puts firms in jeopardy

BUSINESSES that rely on speciality timbers say Tasmanian industry could be wiped out within a decade if the forest peace deal goes ahead.
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Furniture designers and boat builders are among the businesses that rely on rare timbers like Huon pine and blackwood, and which yesterday lobbied for a proposed law to be changed.

Fifth-generation furniture designer and manufacturer Craig Howard yesterday predicted his business would close if all the forests earmarked under the deal were protected.

He urged the Legislative Council to amend the legislation before State Parliament, so protection of forests containing speciality timbers was delayed until more research was done.

“If we don’t have the raw material on hand I will lose my job,” Mr Howard said.

Boat builder Andrew Denman said creating more reserves would starve businesses like his of necessary material when demand for such products was rising.

“We’re not saying don’t reserve [those forests], but let’s not reserve them straight away,” Mr Denman said.

He predicted if that wasn’t done then “in 10 years we’re stuffed – probably sooner”.

The pair made the appeal to the Legislative Council with Speciality Timbers Alliance members George Harris and Murray Jessup.

The inquiry is investigating whether or not the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill, which underpins a deal signed by signatories, is viable.

In other evidence provided yesterday:

Former Labor forestry minister Julian Amos claimed Gunns executives had made threatening phone calls to an industry signatory at the start of the peace talks.

Timber Communities Australia chief executive Jim Adams said the scope of a socio-economic study into the peace deal had been broadened, which would delay its completion.

Mr Adams claimed signatories to the deal did not know what the final size of a World Heritage nomination would be until it was publicly announced by federal Environment Minister Tony Burke last month as 170,000 hectares.

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Committee members standing down at annual meeting
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THE future of Milton’s iconic events and festivals “could be under threat” if Milton Promotions Incorporated folds due to lack of membership.

That is the view of Matt Bryant who is the fresh face of MPI.

In fact, he could be the only face unless there is a strong turn-out at this month’s annual general meeting.

With all long-term members, including president David Johnson, stepping down, Mr Bryant is urging young families to get involved to ensure the survival of MPI which coordinates community events such as the Scarecrow Festival and Carols on the Green.

The MPI treasurer and co-owner of Akwa Surf, Mr Bryant is passionate about MPI’s role in the community and says it is crucial young families get involved.

“These events have provided such enjoyment to the local community over the years and I have witnessed the enthusiasm and creativity that local children have displayed in building a prize-winning scarecrow,” he said.

“I have shared in the anticipation of my own children waiting for the arrival of the man in red, while the town band plays carols in the background and local school choirs raise their voice in song.

“These events have become a significant part of family life in Milton and, in recent years, it has fallen to just a few to ensure that they continue.”

He said new faces would ensure the ongoing success of local festivals and also introduce new promotional and community events to the town.

“It is always helpful to any organisation to have young, fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and I know there are a lot of young, enthusiastic family men and women out there in Milton,” he said.

“I am confident that they would gain a lot of satisfaction by being part of this organisation and contributing to the community in which they have chosen to raise their children.”

So passionate is Mr Bryant about the survival of MPI, he has offered his business premises as the venue for the AGM on Tuesday February 19 from 5.30pm at Akwa Surf Shop.

“I encourage anyone who has an interest in their community to come along – we will have plenty of chairs, so I hope we have a good turn out,” he added.

MPI is a non-profit, community organisation working for the benefit of the local community, helping local businesses and promoting the village of Milton as an attractive visitor destination.

The organisation is also responsible for running the Milton Market Days that attract not only local spending but also tourist dollars to the region.

* More details page 2.

CALL GOES OUT: Akwa Surf Shop owner Matt Bryant is encouraging more Milton residents, families and business owners to breathe new life into Milton Promotions Incorporated.

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LETTER: Park belongs to the people

COUNCILLOR Therese Doyle’s timely article (‘‘The bottom line: the books aren’t that bad’’ Herald 30/1) is a reminder of the charter of obligations councils mustfulfilone of those obligations being the provision of recreational parks.
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It is therefore difficult to understand council’s decision to sacrifice part of King Edward Park, the headland, to commercial development.

After the bowling club lease was revoked, the headland was dedicated in 2005 for the use of the public as of right. It is part of King Edward Park.

The public has since been excluded from the headland by unsightly fencing. The land is flat but our children cannot play there, seniors cannot stroll there, we cannot picnic there, we cannot enjoy the view there.

The disbelief of visitors at the neglect of this historic site shames us.

We must not accept the alienation of the public from part of the park, nor should we accept the loss of amenity.

The park is for the people, not for the business interests of developers.

The case against the approval of the development application for the headland is now before the court.

Friends of King Edward Park are seeking to impose public law obligations on the council and the minister responsible for the protection of heritage items and public reserve.

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LETTER: Greyhounds at Cessnock

WHY do they keep running the greyhounds at The Gardens?
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In my opinion, it is and always will be a ‘‘white elephant’’.

Greyhounds NSW (GRNSW) keeps saying, ‘‘more money, more money’’.

In my opinion it’s about time GRNSW put its foot down and said ‘‘no more’’.

In my opinion it’s also about time GRNSW acknowledged it made a mistake to take the meetings off Cessnock.

It was not only a safe grass track, but also lucrative when it came to TAB bets, and always popular with crowd numbers.

Please GRNSW, give Cessnock back its meetings. You know that would be win-win

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LETTER: Drug prohibition not the solution

GARRY Robinson (‘‘Fake dope dealer selling to addicts’’ Letters 5/2) suggests banning synthetic drugs will fix the problem. It won’t.
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Banning other drugs has not fixed their problem.

Banning alcohol during Prohibition in the US actually increased its consumption.

There is a better way.

We should be looking firstly at decriminalisation, then total government control of the manufacture, labelling and distribution of all drugs, with regulations prescribing how they are marketed.

Remove the drug-dealing business from criminal gangs.

Together with serious education as to drug effects, this just might work as it is starting to work with tobacco (at last).

Oh, and then drugs could also be taxed.

Brian Roberts is the author ofThe Drug Problem Problem.

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LETTER: Hats off to paramedics

LAST Friday an incident occurred that must not go unnoticed by the general public.
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Our group of retired friends were assembling in a car park at Warners Bay for our weekly motorcycle ride when one of our fellows took ill.

Most of us have been trained in advanced first aid and were able to assess his situation.

We made him comfortable, monitored him and then called an ambulance.

By chance an ambulance transport passing by noticed our waves and immediately responded.

They quickly asked all the right questions but they were on their way to another job, so they called up a paramedic who was not too far from where we were.

Within minutes we witnessed a very professional handover to the paramedic who in turn contacted an ambulance to transport our friend to Belmont Hospital.

The ambulance team arrived and once again there was a very professional handover.

Our friend has made a full recovery mainly due to the wonderfully trained ambulance staff teams, along with the staff at Belmont.

A job well done from a grateful group of friends who were privileged to witness these fellows at work.

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Students start a new year

STARTING SCHOOL: Starting kindergarten at Shoalhaven Anglican School were Sydney Carter, Charli Myors and Emily Pouicha. More photos of the new kindergarten students will appear in next week’s Times.MORE than 200 local youngsters packed their bags and headed off to school for the first time this week.
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As students returned to school, they were joined by 217 kindergarten students across the four primary schools in the local area.

The biggest kindergarten group was at Milton Public School with 97 students divided over five kindy classes.

Ulladulla Public School welcomed 83 students while St Mary’s and Shoalhaven Anglican School have one class each with St Mary’s welcoming 22 students and SAS pleased with a class of 15 students.

Of the 217 kindy kids starting school, the ratio of boys and girls at each school has been evenly divided.

Kindergarten classes started at SAS on Tuesday, January 29, at St Mary’s on Thursday, January 31 and at Milton Public and Ulladulla Public on Monday, February 4.

Across the schools, enrolment was steady at Ulladulla Public, St Mary’s and Shoalhaven Anglican while Milton Public increased its enrolments to offer 24 classes in 2013, up from 22 in 2012.

The schools also welcomed new staff members for the 2013 teaching year.

Milton welcomed new deputy principal Greg Bass and classroom teachers Melissa Blondinau and Ranita McCann.

Shoalhaven Anglican School welcomed Kristy Robinson on board as the year four teacher with Ms Robinson keen to share her love of dance, gymnastics and aerobics with the school.

At St Mary’s the school welcomed several new additions including tech-savvy kindergarten teacher Nathan Sherry who will be introducing iPads for each student in kindergarten.

The school also welcomed an additional two male teachers in years 2 and 4 and are happy to welcome back music teacher Erin Chard.

Assistant principal at St Mary’s, Martine Mathieson, will be teaching in the library and running Asian studies at the school.

Ulladulla Public also welcomed new additions to the teaching staff for 2013 and is excited to introduce them to the school community over the coming term.

The Times will feature a special spread of full-colour kindergarten photos in next week’s (February 13) edition with all photos also available to purchase from the Times. The photos will also be featured in an online gallery.

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LETTER: Get breasts checked

TO all the ladies out there over the age of 40: make sure that you have a two-yearly mammogram.
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Just prior to Christmas, after attending for a routine mammogram, I was diagnosed with early onset breast cancer.

I had no family history and no symptoms whatsoever, not even a lump.

I have since learnt that in nine out of 10 cases of breast cancer there is no family history.

As a result of the cancer being diagnosed early, I did not require radiotherapy or chemotherapy following my surgery.

The bottom line is that the wonderful doctors and nurses at the Calvary Mater Hospital saved my life.

Make that appointment now.

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Three new sets of twins for Daylesford Secondary College

DAYLESFORD Secondary College has welcomed three sets of twins in their 2013 year 7 intakes.
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The twins and their classmates began school last Wednesday and are excited for the coming opportunities available at the school.

Subjects such as wood work, food technology and visual arts are among the favourites of the students with all of them looking forward to making new friends as well as catching up with old ones.

Principal Tiffany Holt welcomed new students to the college in an opening assembly held on Wednesday.

Returning students were also praised for their involvement in the Kick Start program, which saw 2013 classes commenced in the latter part of term 4 last year to better prepare students for the coming school year.

College captains Tim Bull and Kara Cooper and vice-captains Angus Banks and Jess Volf also offered their encouragement and support to their fellow students.

NEW FACES: Daylesford Secondary College has started the new school year with three sets of twins starting year 7, back, from left, Alex Hitchman, Cameron Perkel and Arianna Perkel; front, from left, Sam Hitchman, Megan Whan and Emma Whan.

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Jet ski winner

Ron Wilson from Sims Metal Management hitches a ride with the winner of the jetski Donna Munro.Cranebrook couple, The Munros, can look forward to cruising down the Nepean River after scoring a new jetski valued at $13,750 as part of an Australia Day at the Lakes special giveaway.
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The prize was supplied by Australia Day at the Lakes sponsor, Sims Metal Management.

Penrith Mayor Mark Davies congratulated Donna Munro who was part of the 12,000 strong crowd atPenrith’s celebrations.

“Thank you to the families and friends who enjoyed some top acts and contributed to the amazing atmosphere on Australia Day at the Sydney International Regatta Centre,” Councillor Davies said.

After the event, David Munro said he was blown away by Australia Day at the Lakes and that the prize would be put to good use.

“We [Donna and I] were very impressed with the event. The entertainment and the fireworks were just incredible. On behalf of Donna and myself we thank you [Council] for the afternoon and the opportunity to win one fantastic prize. We will get many hours of enjoyment out of it,” Mr Munro said.

See Australia Day at the Lakes highlights by checking out images on Council’s facebook: facebook南京夜网/

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Skipper slams rescue service

ULLADULLA Marine Rescue volunteers have rejected claims they “did absolutely nothing” to prevent a yacht from smashing into the breakwall at Ulladulla Harbour last week.
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Owner of the Daisy Blue, Peter Barnes, said he was “at a loss to understand” how marine rescue personnel were unable save his vessel after it broke its mooring during Tuesday’s heavy seas.

He claims his boat broke free at about 8am and hit the rocks about 10am.

During those two hours, he said, “several local fishermen” had contacted Marine Rescue offering to secure the boat before it was damaged.

“Each time they were told not to do anything because Marine Rescue was handling the situation,” Mr Barnes said.

He explained his friend pulled the yacht from the rocks using a crane after Marine Rescue had “done absolutely nothing to help”.

“Obviously Marine Rescue, observing the harbour from their vantage point, were in the best position to save my boat from destruction, but they did absolutely nothing,” he added.

Marine Rescue’s Ulladulla unit commander Ken Lambert said the criticism of the organisation was “unwarranted” and volunteers did “all we possibly could”.

“As our name implies, we are a rescue service, not a salvage service and our prime role is to ensure the safety of lives at sea,” Mr Lambert said.

“We have no authority in the harbour and are required to seek the permission of both the Water Police and boat owner before intervening on vessels moored there.”

Mr Lambert said volunteers would have done their best to ensure the Daisy Blue came to no harm had they been notified of the situation earlier.

He denied claims the service was contacted three times by fishermen and said the first it knew of the situation was when another boat owner radioed the base at 9.37am.

“There were no other contacts on this matter before that time,” he said.

“Our duty radio officer has assured me we received no calls from fishermen about the vessel.”

Mr Lambert said the duty crew was called in and the rescue vessel left its berth at 10am to help after trying to contact Mr Barnes.

“There was a small delay leaving our berth because the rescue vessel had to manoeuvre around storm lines rigged to the fishing vessels and in very shallow water,” he said.

“When it arrived it found the Daisy Blue holed and the crew was unable to assist.

“Any attempt to tow the vessel off the rocks would have resulted in it sinking.”

Mr Lambert said Marine Rescue members were “concerned for Mr Barnes”.

“The loss of any vessel has a strong effect on us all, but we believe we did all we possibly could.”

“We sympathise and understand Mr Barnes’ loss but we are not responsible for the security of moorings – this is the responsibility of the owners.”

Mr Barnes, an experienced sailor and former member of the Ulladulla Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, told the Times had he been notified earlier that his boat had broken its moorings, he would have rowed out, started the motor and moved it.

“Local fishermen offered to step in, but they were told it was all under control – I am mortified and fail to see how this has happened,” Mr Barnes said.

MORTIFIED: Experienced sailor Peter Barnes is blaming the Ulladulla Marine Rescue Association for not taking action to save his yacht the Daisy Blue last week. Photo: HAMISH RICHARDSON.

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