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Saviour steps in at last minute to rescue local sports club

A LOCAL “white knight” has rescued the Hanwood Sports Club from the brink of collapse just days after one of the city’s oldest clubs fell into voluntary administration.
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Pittari Transport owner Louis Pittari has purchased the Yarran Street building for an undisclosed sum and will lease it back to the club in a deal finalised on Friday.

The move follows last week’s shock announcement the Catholic Club Yoogali (CCY), one of the city’s most popular wedding venues, had entered into voluntary administration and would close on Monday.

The Hanwood Sports Club has had a high-profile battle with the banks and the tax office, carrying debts of almost $800,000 this time last year.

But the sale of the building to the Pittari family has all but wiped those debts and given the club a fresh chance at survival.

“It would have been a grim situation if Louis hadn’t come in; the bank would have closed us down in the next few months,” Hanwood Sports Club treasurer Chint Quarisa said.

“We are just so grateful to Louis. This means we can turn the corner and enter a new chapter in our history.”

Mr Pittari said the opportunity to support the Hanwood community and ensure the survival of the Hanwood Football Club was “worth the money”.

“The community of Hanwood has been good to me and this is a way we can repay them,” Mr Pittari said.

The club, which had a receiver appointed in November 2011 before an 11th hour rescue by members, has abandoned plans to subdivide a parcel of adjoining land to raise capital.

It has been given a five-year lease by the Pittaris with a further five-year option.

A new board and a series of successful recent events, including a bumper Australia Day crowd, has reignited hopes the club will return to its glory days.

“It’s difficult; the big clubs are getting bigger and the small clubs are struggling,” Mr Quarisa said.

“Not only is patronage dropping off but our fixed costs like electricity, rates, insurance, maintenance and workers compensation are going up.

“The club just needs patronage but we’re confident we have the right board and right energy to get them here now.”

Meanwhile, Yenda Diggers Club appears to be trading its way out of the financial quicksand.

The small club’s $96,000 debt to the Australian Taxation Office has been cut to $36,000 in the past 12 months and president Dave Black was confident things were looking up.

“We’re rolling again to the point we’re making a little bit each week but you can’t take it for granted,” Mr Black said.

“We really need the community to continue to support the club.”

Hanwood Sports Club

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New adventure for ‘miracle Mila’ 

WHEN Mila Giannini was born five years ago no one could tell her mum Chontell for certain if she would even survive the night.
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Born at 30 weeks, the little fighter spent her first week on life support in a Canberra hospital and almost three months there before coming home.

Tomorrow will mark an amazing milestone for “miracle Mila”, who starts kindergarten at St Mary’s School.

Mrs Giannini said it is a day she and her husband Mark never thought they’d see.

“I never thought she’d get to mainstream school. It is amazing. I’m just so happy she made it,” she said.

“There won’t be any tears from me. I’m cheering. She is so excited to be going to school and I’m celebrating with her.”

Mrs Giannini wants to share her daughter’s success story in the hope of inspiring other parents.

“It can be hard when you have a preemie baby but I just want other people to know that even though it is tough, things do get better and there is hope,” she said.

“When I went into labour I hadn’t felt her move all day so I went up to the hospital and they found I was 5cm dilated. Thank God they flew me to Canberra,” she said.

“I didn’t see her when she was born. All I remember is the room was full of people and I could hear them counting one, two, three as they were resuscitating her.

“She had a blood transfusion the first night and numerous brain bleeds.

“It was a scary time. The first eight months were a ride-just horrible, she never slept and she never ate.”

For Mrs Giannini, who also suffered from post natal depression, to see her happy, healthy daughter now, is incredible.

“Apart form her size she is normal,” Mrs Giannini said.

“She can write her own name and loves to read. She is our very own wildlife warrior.

“She loves animals and adores watching David Attenborough. Her favourite animal is a possum and she can’t get enough of dinosaurs.”

LOOK AT HER NOW: Chontell Giannini with her daughter Mila, 5, will mark an incredible milestone tomorrow when her little girl starts kindy at St Mary’s School. Picture: Anthony Stipo. (Inset) Little Mila’s life hung in the balance five years ago.

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Oakeshott hits out at Coalition over T-shirt pledge

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, NSW Energy Minister Chris Hartcher and other Liberal-National Party MPs fronting the cameras wearing ‘Water before Coal’ T-shirts.INDEPENDENT Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott wants to know what happened to the NSW Liberal-Nationals’ T-shirt promise to put water before coal.
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Attending the Manning Alliance’s annual conference in Wingham on the weekend, Mr Oakeshott said he was just one of many people present who wanted to know why the promise was broken.

“Just weeks before the state election, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, NSW Energy Minister

Chris Hartcher and other Liberal-National Party MPs happily stood in front of the cameras wearing ‘Water before Coal’ T-shirts,” Mr Oakeshott said.

“The reality since then has been very different, with the interests of landholders and farmers once again being dumped in the pursuit of mining royalties.

“The photo says it all. The message was clear on the T-shirt, and the political intent in a Premier and Energy Minister agreeing to put on these T-shirts could not be clearer.

“So what has happened?

“The Gloucester Valley is about to become a CSG factory courtesy of 110 coal-seam gas

wells – stage one of a 330-gas well project. That’s about one gas well for every seven


“This is a community that also faces NSW Government approval of an open cut coal mine one kilometre from the Gloucester CBD, on a site that has local scenic protection status from Gloucester Shire Council.

“This is a town of about 2000 people who live at the foot of the world-heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park, at a site on the headwaters for the Manning and Upper Hunter and, until now, was a relatively quiet, united, agricultural community.

“Post T-shirt promise, this is a community which now feels threatened by what is being proposed, and let down by NSW planning laws which seem to ‘green light’ anything to do with mining,” Mr Oakeshott said.

“I have attended enough meetings where the overwhelming community sentiment is opposition to what is happening. Even the councillors are unanimously opposed to these mining projects.

“Yet these local voices are being lost in a planning drive for a massive expansion of coalseam gas and coal mining operations throughout NSW.

“As someone who believes strongly in place-based policy, I am deeply concerned about the disempowerment of local communities. Many are feeling that their land is under threat from inadequate laws on private title, and that their sense of community and sense of place just doesn’t matter.

“This same, angry disempowerment of community is happening in many other north coast towns such as Grafton, Lismore, Ballina and Byron Bay, and there are broader concerns for food bowls such as the Liverpool Plains where locals have been fighting the good fight with NSW Planning for many years.

“This issue will come to a head in 2013, and I will do what I can to make sure the community voice is heard. At the moment, both sides of politics are failing badly,” Mr Oakeshott said.

“Our state planning laws fail to engage communities, or empower them.

“Political leaders are happy to wear the T-shirt pre-election but fail to deliver on the mantra

when it matters most, which is causing a groundswell of dissent.”

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Local airfield a valuable asset

I AM concerned at the rift developing in the community over the Jaspers Brush airfield.
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The South Coast Recreational Flying Club at Jaspers Brush airfield is under attack from a few people in the Berry area calling themselves the Berry Airport Action Group (BAAG). This is a subgroup of the Berry Alliance. The Berry Alliance describes itself as a “community consultative body”. BAAG was formed to oppose the airfield and has been actively seeking community support to this end.

Flying is a very large part of our community. We have the navy air wing at Albatross and the Jaspers Brush airfield, which has been in existence for 45 years. We recently celebrated the 80th anniversary of Smithy’s flight from Gerroa beach across the Tasman.

Most people, including the members of BAAG, would now fly in a commercial airliner more than ever before. The pilots of these commercial airliners, almost without exception, started their flying career in small aircraft like the ones at Jaspers Brush and progressed through to a commercial pilot and a career in the airlines. Next time you fly, just look at the pilots up front, and think of how they got there, the training they went through learning to fly, and are now flying you safely wherever you wish to go. The BAAG seems to have overlooked their use of aviation and now want to take that privilege away from the next generation. Dreams of learning to fly can become a reality at Jaspers Brush.

I urge those people who have been contacted by BAAG and Berry Alliance to oppose Jaspers Brush airfield to think carefully about what you are doing. Do not let a small number of people convince you that destroying what has been here for over 45 years is the right thing to do. Support the South Coast Recreational Flying Club and help retain the small Jaspers Brush airfield and its flying activities.

Stop this nonsense and let a valuable asset of the South Coast remain.

M. Cochrane,


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Wartime riddle of Foxground bomber crash

AN email from a historian in Canberra has rekindled a mystery surrounding a World War II bomber that crashed in Foxground 69 years ago.
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The twin-engine Beaufort crashed into rainforest on the escarpment on November 18, 1943.

All five crew members were killed in the crash on the south side of Hoddles Track, which runs from Saddleback Mountain up to Barren Grounds.

Flight Sergeant Ronald Christie piloted the plane, with Sergeant Douglas James and Flight Sergeant HTS Terrill navigators and Sergeant Francis Fanning and Sergeant Reginald Sharples wireless operators, all from Victoria, onboard.

Julian Ginnane, who works for the federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, has been researching the crash and has raised some interesting questions.

“I first heard about the crash after a colleague I was working with at the then Jervis Bay National Park [now Booderee National Park] spoke about seeing an article on the rediscovery of the crash site in 1999,” he said.

“Over the years I have undertaken some private investigation and have spoken to numerous people about it but don’t seem to be able to get any definitive answers to a number of questions.”

One is why the crash was still officially classified.

“This crash turns out to be the only World War II aircraft crash that remains classified to this date,” he said.

“A section of the file is marked not to be opened until 2015.

“Why is there an additional 50 years of official secrecy?”

There are a number of mysteries surrounding the crash.

“An A9 Beaufort bomber only has a crew of four, so why were there five crew members onboard?” he said. Why were there two radio operators?

“The crashed aircraft was witnessed at the time as being “perforated with many bullet holes”. How or where did it get those?

“Does this mean the aircraft was returning from a mission, not taking-off, as reported in the press.

“Apparently they took off in bad weather, why would they do that? And in a shot up plane?

“There is no official RAAF document [allowed to be viewed] that lists the scheduled flight of this particular A9 Beaufort bomber.

“The only official listing of a plane crash in November 1943 of a Beaufort bomber was Serial A9-142 that crashed near Moruya.”

Mr Ginnane said he would love to get to the bottom of the mystery.

“I have heard so many rumours about it; that it was just a training flight, that it may have been giving a mate a lift to another airfield. If that were the case why did they need a full crew and also why would they be flying in a shot up plane?

“And it’s not only me. I know family members of the crew are also still unable to get answers to some of their questions.

“There have still been no proper reports on the crash for loved ones.”

Mr Ginnane said he has been researching the Pacific theatre to try to ascertain what the bomber might have been doing.

The crew members were buried in Camden and Mr Ginnane hopes to visit their graves and the actual crash site to try to glean some more information.

While researching the Beaufort he has also come across around 30 aircraft that have crashed either on land or into the sea around the Shoalhaven.

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