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Forest deal puts firms in jeopardy

BUSINESSES that rely on speciality timbers say Tasmanian industry could be wiped out within a decade if the forest peace deal goes ahead.
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Furniture designers and boat builders are among the businesses that rely on rare timbers like Huon pine and blackwood, and which yesterday lobbied for a proposed law to be changed.

Fifth-generation furniture designer and manufacturer Craig Howard yesterday predicted his business would close if all the forests earmarked under the deal were protected.

He urged the Legislative Council to amend the legislation before State Parliament, so protection of forests containing speciality timbers was delayed until more research was done.

“If we don’t have the raw material on hand I will lose my job,” Mr Howard said.

Boat builder Andrew Denman said creating more reserves would starve businesses like his of necessary material when demand for such products was rising.

“We’re not saying don’t reserve [those forests], but let’s not reserve them straight away,” Mr Denman said.

He predicted if that wasn’t done then “in 10 years we’re stuffed – probably sooner”.

The pair made the appeal to the Legislative Council with Speciality Timbers Alliance members George Harris and Murray Jessup.

The inquiry is investigating whether or not the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill, which underpins a deal signed by signatories, is viable.

In other evidence provided yesterday:

Former Labor forestry minister Julian Amos claimed Gunns executives had made threatening phone calls to an industry signatory at the start of the peace talks.

Timber Communities Australia chief executive Jim Adams said the scope of a socio-economic study into the peace deal had been broadened, which would delay its completion.

Mr Adams claimed signatories to the deal did not know what the final size of a World Heritage nomination would be until it was publicly announced by federal Environment Minister Tony Burke last month as 170,000 hectares.

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Wodonga predator lured Qld, WA boys

PAEDOPHILE Jayme Regulski began procuring photos of naked boys just as he was about to be sentenced on other sex charges.
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That led County Court judge Marilyn Harbison to say she didn’t “have any confidence” that 20-year-old Regulski would not offend again.

“One of the things I have to be mindful of is the protection of the community,” she said yesterday.

“It’s an appalling thing to do with a young boy, to have him send pictures of his erect penis.”

Regulski carried out his crimes from his Wodonga home against two boys — a 14-year-old in Queensland and a soon-to-turn 11-year-old in Western Australia.

A constantly sobbing Regulski pleaded guilty in Wodonga yesterday to two Commonwealth counts of causing child pornography material to be sent to him over a carriage service and one Victorian count of possessing child pornography.

The first Commonwealth charge related to incidents between August 14 and September 17, 2011, and the second between about July 7 and August 26 last year.

The Queensland boy was lured into a trap Regulski set after setting up a false Facebook profile in early 2011.

The unemployed Regulski pretended to be a 14-year-old, year 9 schoolgirl originally from Queensland who attended a North East school.

The victim was one of about 100 young people aged 13 to 17 who Regulski “friended” using the profile.

Eventually the boy considered himself the boyfriend of the girl Regulski created.

A stream of messages flowed between the pair with Regulski eventually asking the boy for naked photos of himself, which he provided.

Regulski began to get hostile over the boy’s reluctance to send more explicit photos, the youngster relenting after the defendant threatened to stop being his “girlfriend”.

Judge Harbison said it appeared Regulski began his offending even before she had sentenced him in 2011 on other child sex matters from September and October, 2010.

The 2010 cases relate to charges of using a carriage service to try to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16.

The second federal charge Regulski faced yesterday related to contact with a 10-year-old boy in Western Australia.

Regulski met the boy online while playing a Playstation game called Modern Warfare 3.

This time, Regulski did not hide his identity.

After the boy got an Apple iPad for his birthday, Regulski began a relentless, seven-week campaign, largely via Skype, to get the boy to take photos of himself to send on — at first in his underwear and then naked.

The boy was promised and later given user credits by Regulski for the Playstation game.

Regulski eventually demanded more sexually explicit photos, threatening to send the photos he already had to the boy’s friends if he refused.

The possession charge related to 646 child pornography images and 126 child pornography videos found on Regulski’s phone.

Regulski was assessed yesterday afternoon to gauge his suitability for a possible three-year term in youth detention.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

Jayme Regulski.

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Computer school set  for staff cuts

THE University of Tasmania’s Launceston computing school may be the first casualty of a massive staff overhaul, the tertiary union says.
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National Tertiary Education Union state secretary John Kenny said yesterday that seven of the school of computing and information systems’ 10 academics based at Newnham received letters last week essentially telling them they were no longer required.

However, the university’s faculty of science, engineering and technology dean, Professor Margaret Britz, said computing programs in Launceston would not close down.

It is understood that two long-term academics had already accepted voluntary redundancies as part of the university’s staff redundancy process revealed in July 2012, meaning the latest axings leave only one academic.

The school is also home to the Australian computing research and teaching facility, HITLab.

Dr Kenny said it was “soul-destroying” for those who received letters.

He said this could be seen as the start of the forced redundancy process on the back of questionable performance measures.

“They’re putting them all through these contrived performance measures, which are totally arbitrary and applied retrospectively,” Dr Kenny said.

“This is just the start of what’s going to go through the whole university.”

The university has remained quiet on exactly how many staff it hopes to see go as part of the voluntary redundancy process, but the union has previously said it could be well in the hundreds.

Professor Britz said the school underwent an independent review in 2011 and it had provided the opportunity to implement strategic changes and reinvestments.

“We will reinvest in new staff to revitalise the Launceston programs with the aim of providing improved outcomes for students,” Professor Britz said.

“We anticipate that collaborative and interdisciplinary research with the school’s academic staff will be invigorated by the renewed research focus the changes will allow.”

Professor Britz said the HITLab would remain in Launceston and it hoped to announce a new director shortly.

She said the university was committed to providing computing programs across the state.

Dr John Kenny

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Williams hangs up boots 

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FLOODED with offers from Group Nine clubs, quality playmaker Joe Williams has slammed the door on playing rugby league this year.

Back living in Wagga after several years away from the city, the former South Sydney halfback yesterday declared he had no intention of extending his highly-successful football career.

“I definitely won’t be playing (in 2013),” Williams said yesterday.

“Last year burnt me.”

Jaded after a taxing season as coach of Dubbo CYMS in 2012, Williams is adamant he will not be tempted by any Group Nine club to again pull on the boots.

“I’ve had calls from eight or nine (Group Nine) clubs,” he said.

“I’ve just said I won’t be playing at all.”

The decision to call it quits with rugby league will give Williams an interrupted path to fulfil his boxing ambitions.

Two weeks short of his first fight for 2013, Williams revealed he was reaping the benefits of again being trained by his father, Wilfred Williams.

“It’s only been two weeks but my condition has already gone through the roof,” he said.

“I’m really pleased.”

For Williams, an upcoming welterweight bout in Dubbo on February 23 will be a stepping stone to a more important fight in the Riverina in April.

Williams said he was counting down to a WBF junior welterweight bout against a formidable Sydney opponent in Cootamundra on April 20.

“That’s the fight I’m looking forward to,” Williams said.

“The guy is a real tough customer.”

The news Williams is not on the market for the upcoming Group Nine premiership will be blow to several clubs in particular.

At least four clubs were keen to pursue Williams to the hilt to acquire a key playmaker for the season and lift their chances of upstaging early favourite Albury for the Group Nine title.

NOT THIS YEAR: Former South Sydney halfback Joe Williams declared he has no intention of extending his football career this year.

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Class act: Mater Dei makes top 200

AFTER grappling with tragedy for most of last year, Mater Dei Catholic College has now been recognised as one of NSW’s top-performing schools.
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The college ranked in the state’s top 200 schools in last year’s Higher School Certificate (HSC) after an outstanding performance across the board by its year 12 students.

The Mater Dei community last year had to come to terms with the shock deaths of students Lachie Burgess and Patrick Langfield, making the success all the more poignant.

Principal Greg Miller was thrilled with the results, which were a shining light for the college at the end of a difficult year.

“The results, regardless of the year we had last year, were outstanding,” he said.

“In the context of last year it was successful.”

They’re the best HSC results achieved by the school in its nine-year history, with 10 students achieving an ATAR of 90 or more.

And Mr Miller is hopeful the success will continue in years to come, declaring that Mater Dei had joined the “big league”.

“Over the last four or five years the college has taken on a commitment to focus on learning,” he said.

“Our current year 12 group are an outstanding group of individuals.

“If they work hard who knows what they can achieve – dream big I say.”

Last year’s school captain Emily Dixon was among the college’s high achievers, earning an ATAR of 94.85 and a place at the University of Wollongong to study a double degree in law and international studies.

She said she was relieved her hard work had paid off handsomely.

“After those two years it finally felt like I’d achieved something,” she said.

“It was a long haul but it was worth it.”

HIGH ACHIEVERS: Mater Dei College principal Greg Miller is delighted with last year’s HSC success at the school. Picture: Addison Hamilton

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