LETTER: Back to work good for kids

I HAVE been following the debate on parenting payments with interest.

I was widowed at an early age, leaving me with two school-aged children to raise.

It did not occur to me that it was anyone else’s responsibility to support them.

I found a job, starting at the bottom, and worked my way up.

The children participated in household chores from an early age and learned to appreciate the value of money and their mother’s time.

They both worked their way through university and are now respected professionals.

My daughter was named one of the top 100 most influential people in Sydney in 2011.

Yes, it was tough, but well worth the effort to teach my children the value of work ethics and self-respect.

I believe that raising children in an atmosphere of long-term welfare dependency can be harmful to their future as they come to regard that as the norm.

Single parents should be encouraged to go back to work, for the sake of the next generation.