We can’t just rely on others during the fire season

As we enter the second half of what has been a hot and dry summer I thought it was a good time to remind people of a few things that you can do to be prepared for a bushfire.

If you haven’t done so already it is not too late to tidy up around the house, check any firefighting equipment you have to ensure it is in good working order, work out a plan of what you intend to do if the worst happens.

I have read that some are upset with Powercor turning their power off, but the first thing to go in a major fire will be the power supply.

It is vital that we all are aware of this and have a back up plan in place.

If the only fire pumps you have run off mains power then you should make arrangements to have a backup generator on site.

I myself live out of town and the first thing I brought after shifting was a generator for when the power does go off.

Also it seems that the message is still not getting through to everyone that you can’t rely on one source of information.

Once again if the power goes off and you are only relying on the internet/radio for information then you could be in trouble.

A battery-powered radio is a good option.

If you are near a fire station and there is someone there then you are more than welcome to ask for information, taking care to realise that if there is something big going on then while willing to help out those at the station will be busy. If something does happen it is vital that the public doesn’t panic.

People panicking will only create more dramas.

The warnings during and after the Blampied fire are a case in point.

There werequeues at service stations and some ordinary driving displays, people cancelling accommodation and leaving town in a blind panic.

While it is better to be safe than sorry we still need to remain calm, obey road rules and be courteous to our fellow man.

At the end of the day we as a public need to start taking more responsibility for our own actions and stop relying on others to do everything for us.

We live in a country area surrounded by bush and every summer we are at risk of fire.

We all make the choice to live here so we need to be aware and prepared for any risks that come with living here.

We are lucky to be looked after by the eight highly trained and efficient fire brigades that make up the Glenlyon Group of Brigades but if you don’t help them to be fire ready then there is only so much that they can do.

Be aware, be alert, be prepared but don’t panic.

David Walker, captain,

Daylesford Fire Brigade

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