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Palerang CouncilMeeting Thursday Feb 7 at Bungendore at 5pm


MOVED thatCouncil staff prepare a report for Council’s May 2013 meeting, on the subjectof AM radio reception in Palerang, in particular ABC Local Radio as thedesignated Emergency Broadcaster, and options to improve reception to a degreethat it can be picked up by a battery-powered radio, with the following to beconsidered in the report:

* thegeographical extent of problems with reception, already known to be minimal inthe towns of Captains Flat and Braidwood;

* options forimprovement, including but not necessarily limited to a repeater(rebroadcasting) service in a single or multiple locations, and approximatecosts, and

* licensingrequirements for establishing a rebroadcasting service, as per the ABC andAustralian Communications and Media Authority.


A report notesthe State’s reform agenda is gathering pace and Council must move quickly toensure that it can settle on its preferred position, backed by communitysupport.

A motionRecommended that Council:

1. develop aconsultation strategy to inform the community of the State Government’s reformagenda and to ascertain the community’s view on the most appropriate form oflocal government for the area, recognising that different parts of Palerang mayhave different preferences, and

2. engageshort-term resources to assist with the above consultation process.

“There have beenmany reports about the sustainability of local government across Australia, butlocal government in NSW is perhaps in the most parlous condition. Past reportshave proven a massive “black-hole” in infrastructure renewal and replacement.This backlog of work is increasing annually at an alarming rate while localgovernment’s income is trending down in real terms.

The researchundertaken by the Independent Local Government Review Panel, and many of thepast reports, is available through the ILGRP’s websitehttp://www.localgovernmentreview.nsw.gov.au/.

But localgovernment’s financial plight is only one aspect of the debate about the futureof local government. Another obvious question is whether the current structureof local governments, in many cases over 100 years old, is still relevant inthe twenty-first century.

The issue iscomplex, and there many options for possible solutions. It is important for thecommunity to be actively involved.

There areessentially two approaches Council can take, namely:

* adopt a“leadership approach” and develop a recommended approach that it presents tothe community, and

* seek communityinput prior to developing a position.

Both optionsrequire the community to be fully informed about the issues, and that Councilis confident that any submission it makes in response to the ILGRP’s draftreport, due in March, has the broad support of the community.

The staffrecommendation was drafted to be broad enough to cater for both options. “


Cr Richard Grahamis seeking a rezoning for several lots on Ellendon Street Bungendore, adjacentto the Carrington Inn.


Throughout thepreparation of the draft Palerang Local Environmental Plan 2012, Council hasdiscussed undertaking a rural lands study once the draft local environmentalplan has been substantially progressed.The study would enable Council to develop a twenty-year strategic planfor the rural and rural residential areas of the entire local governmentarea.

The NSW governmentis currently inviting grant applications under the Planning Reform Fund Programthat support the government’s strategic policy and service delivery areas.

Recommended that:

1. Council submita grant application under the Planning Reform Fund Program Round 8 for thepreparation of a rural lands study; and

2. that the studyconsider:

* the minimum lotsize for the RU1 Primary Production and RU2 Rural Landscape land use zones;

* whether asubdivision ‘averaging’ provision is to be applied in the former Tallaganda,Mulwaree, Goulburn-Mulwaree and Gunning local government areas, and

* outstandingrezoning proposals relating to rural or rural residential land.


An extension ofthe sewerage system to service properties in the light industrial area, andadjacent residential properties, to the west of Araluen Road at Braidwood isput forward for Council’s approval.


The draftPalerang Media and Social Media Policy 2013 is presented for adoption.

There is nolegislative requirement for councils to adopt a policy on their interactionwith the media and/or social media. Such policies are developed individually bycouncils to establish clear guidelines on who is authorised to representCouncil and how interactions with the media and social media are to be managed.

LINK http://www.palerang.nsw.gov.au/index.php?option=com_jentlacontent&view=enhanced&id=496202

Palerang Council’s Meeting Thursday Feb 7 at Bungendore at 5pm

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