LETTER: Hats off to paramedics

LAST Friday an incident occurred that must not go unnoticed by the general public.

Our group of retired friends were assembling in a car park at Warners Bay for our weekly motorcycle ride when one of our fellows took ill.

Most of us have been trained in advanced first aid and were able to assess his situation.

We made him comfortable, monitored him and then called an ambulance.

By chance an ambulance transport passing by noticed our waves and immediately responded.

They quickly asked all the right questions but they were on their way to another job, so they called up a paramedic who was not too far from where we were.

Within minutes we witnessed a very professional handover to the paramedic who in turn contacted an ambulance to transport our friend to Belmont Hospital.

The ambulance team arrived and once again there was a very professional handover.

Our friend has made a full recovery mainly due to the wonderfully trained ambulance staff teams, along with the staff at Belmont.

A job well done from a grateful group of friends who were privileged to witness these fellows at work.