Barossa and Light Bowls reports

Tanunda Bowling Club Report

Following a couple of weeks with only a few matches being played, this round saw all of the Tanunda sides in action, except Division 1.


The ladies began the Club’s round of matches with an excellent win at Lyndoch. Three teams finished the shortened match in front and Margaret Hurst’s team only missed out by the narrowest of margins. The team skippered by Dorothy Light finished a couple of shots ahead, June Farquharson’s team bettered that with a six shot win but ‘Rink of the Day’ went to Clair Altus, Jan Ralston, Margaret Meertens and Kathy Wallace who started well and continued strongly to finish with a comfortable win. This match may well prove to have resulted in a very important win at a crucial stage of the season.


White were away to Nuriootpa Green but despite a determined effort from the ‘Whites’ the Home side proved too strong on the day. Special mentions go to Malcom Paech, Peter Secker and Trevor Ratsch who went down very narrowly after finishing the game strongly and to Grantly Martin who won the Wohlers Award. Midweek Black also took on one of the sides from Tigerland but the ‘Blacks’ recorded an excellent win on the carpet with all teams finishing in front. The teams skippered by Deon Heidenreich and Robert Schneider had good wins but Hedley Rohrlach, Peter Baverstock and Charlie Mahoney played well all afternoon to win the ‘Rink of the Day’ award.

Saturday Pennants

The Saturday pennants sides were brimming with optimism as they were greeted by a lovely sunny day. Division 2 Black travelled to Nuriootpa to play the unbeaten Green side, only to discover why they were unbeaten! The Black side got away to a good start, but could not sustain it for the whole afternoon. Bradley Marshall, Barry Williams, Margaret Hurst and Kevin Bartsch played well but couldn’t quite record a win in a very tight finish.

Division 3

Division 3were at home against the Nuriootpa Gold (yes – them again!) side but found the visitors too strong. Ken Schliebs, Nick Schmidt, Peter Abinett and Don Ralston had a great start to their game but just missed out on a win.

The highlight of the day for the Magpies was a very important one shot victory over the Gold side from (you guessed it!) Nuriootpa. Two of the Tanunda teams lost in close games but a great effort by June Farquharson, Dean Koch, Peter Secker and Alan Price, not only won the match, but also resulted in a well deserved ‘Rink of the Week’ win.

Sunday saw the finals of the Club Championship singles competitions being decided, for both the women and the men. Kathy Wallace and Deon Heidenreich were the winners over Margaret Hurst and Charlie Mahoney with the matches finishing at 25 – 16 and 25 – 7 respectively. Kathy Wallace and Margaret Hurst had won the Ladies Pairs Championship earlier in the week after a closely fought match against Clair Altus and Judy Thompson. Congratulations to all of the players who played off in their respective finals.



Division 1

There was an air of jubilation last Saturday evening after the Nuriootpa bowlers landed five big results on the playing field.

Most notable was the Division One side’s big win over League leaders Freeling by 33 shots.

Rob Grope’s troops continued their relentless form of the previous week with another strong win by 14 shots over a talented opposition. The boys gave their opponents a start but the game was broken open by Rob’s ‘shot of the season’ when he threaded the needle to sit Freeling’s closest bowl through, turning one down into five up!

Stuart Allen’s crew were up against a formidable line-up led by Justin Morris but showed their class to get out of the blocks early and lead throughout to post an eight shot win. Greg Prior continued his brilliant form this season with another inspiring effort to set up the great win.

Ron Turnbull’s team were a little slow to start but shifted into top gear after ‘smoko’ to deliver the Tigers another win. With Chris ‘Hollywood’ Jones hitting his straps the rinks takes on an imposing aura.

Rod Garrett had the radar on early to keep Geoff Langley’s crew in touch of their opponents then after the break, Geoff ‘the Guru’, in a brilliant cameo performance, imposed his authority and single handed he dragged his team up to the line to claim their share of the points.

Division 2

Division Two’s Nuriootpa Green posted another solid win, this time over Tanunda Black at home. Ian Klaebe and Damian Langley both skippered wins for Nuriootpa but the star performance came from Peter Buckley and his squad who put in a rink of the week performance to finish 24 shots up.

Nuriootpa Black claimed a much needed win over Kapunda Red at home with Kevin Harrison and Pam Jones guiding their crews through to strong wins.

Nuriootpa Gold fell short of Tanunda White by just a single shot, but with two rinks up, thanks to Neil Collyer and Dave Wilson the Golds managed to claim four points from the contest.

Division 3

In Division Three, Nuriootpa Black scored an 11 shot win over Freeling at Freeling. Heather Robert’s crew finished 2 shots up over their opposition and Sean Hyland’s gun rink won comfortably by 13.

Nuriootpa Gold enjoyed a day out at Tanunda and posted a big 37 shot win. Jill Chapman’s troops finished 14 shots up while John McIntosh guided his crew through to a 19 shot victory. After the match John was full of praise for his leader Mick Fuller, who is going from strength to strength as a top lawn bowler. Ian Falkenberg and his squad pulled off one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus, when they recovered from 18 to zip down, after six ends, to finish 30 shots to 26 up!

Only two out of five Midweek Sides enjoyed that winning feeling last Thursday with the Nuriootpa Black line-up returning from their bout with Lyndoch Blue somewhat down hearted while the boys in the under-manned Nuriootpa Gold outfit found themselves no match for Tanunda Black. Nuriootpa Blue fell just short of the mark against, top of the table, Lyndoch Gold, with a small score board hiccup not helping their cause. Ronnie Turnbull claimed the points against a quality opponent.

On the positive side Nuriootpa Green finished 24 shots up over Tanunda White with all three rinks up. Ian Klaebe secured yet another win to his tally while Greg Prior was in top form to guide his team to success. Rod Garrett was elated with Alby Wilkinson’s form and their rink posted another win to complete the clean sweep.

In what was a must win game for Nuriootpa Brown the boys came out firing and put in their best performance of the season to eclipse Kapunda Red by 48 shots. Pat White and Aaron Jones combined brilliantly to give Ron Ellis a great start and the trio enjoyed a big 20 shot win at stumps. Noel Christophersen and his Hamley Bridge brigade pulled away from their opposition to post a strong 18 shot win while Bob Randall, with Kingsley Bullock impressive in the lead, finished 10 shots up.

Nuriootpa Ladies did their best to break out of their slump but fell short on the scoreboard. Up against Angaston at home our girls put in an honest performance but the magic of last Season doesn’t seem to be there this year. Despite the overall loss Natalie Fyfe and her crew went against the tide to post an impressive 14 shot win.

This week’s lucky Wohlers’ award winner is Alan Fyfe. Perhaps he will reward Natalie for her efforts by opening up his wallet for a spot of shopping.

Congratulations are in order to Nuriootpa’s new Ladies Champion Pauline Collyer. In a high standard contest Pauline managed to finish in front of a worthy runner-up in Lois Hahn. All eyes now turn to the Men’s Singles Championship where perennial Champ, Rob Grope will be challenged by, up and coming young gun, Aaron Jones.

Black Caviar

Lyndoch and Districts Bowling Club

Round 15 – 2 February 2013

The Lyndoch Night Owls on Tuesday night were one of the colder nights of the season but it did not affect The Davens from winning the evening.


Lyndoch v Tanunda at Lyndoch

A shortened game through the constant rain [13 ends]. Val Reeves & June Farquharson had a close game until the 10th end when June pulled away to win 14-8. Di Jones & Margaret Hurst had an evenly matched game with Di being the victor 10-9. Gay Mcleod and Dorothy Light also had a tight game with Dorothy by winning the last 2 ends won 9-7. Sue Drummond’s rink had a really bad day losing to Kathy Wallace 7-21.

Lyndoch Gold v Nuriootpa Blue at Nuriootpa

Billy Boyle down early but gradually over took David Wilson to win 18-14. David Hausler after finally getting the scores correct beat Bob Chapman 21-15.Glyn Ayers had one of his rare losses going down to Ron Turnbull 14-21.

Lyndoch 53 Nuriootpa 50

Lyndoch Blue v Nuriootpa Black at the picturesque Lyndoch green

Bob Howell by winning 14 ends had a comfortable win over Lloyd Tscharke 22-11.Alex Gerrard after losing the first end won the next & never looked back to win from Roger Mattschoss 25-17.Tony Drummond & Geoff Langley had a close game but Tony’s rink pipped Geoff’s rink at the post to win 16-14. Lyndoch 63 Nuri 42.

Div 3

Lyndoch v Eudunda at Lyndoch

Dick Filsell after being behind early gradually got the upper hand from Geoff Schulz to win 25-22. Ron Plant after losing 5 shots at the 20th end won the next 4 out of the next 5 ends finally winning 22-19 from Betty Marshall. Eric Smith after being up for the majority of the game finally lost 18-23 to Roy Fiegert. Lyndoch 65 Eudunda 64.

Div 2

Lyndoch v Angaston at Angaston

Bob Allan & Lyn Teakle had a close tussle all day until Lyn won 4 ends in a row late in the game to finally win 29-20.

Alex Gerrard after being down for most of the game clawed back getting a fitting draw with Kevin Renshaw 20 all. Ken Burton by winning the first never let go of the lead all day & won 29-16 from Malcolm Johnston. Lyndoch 69 Angaston 65.

Div 1

Lyndoch v Eudunda at Eudunda

David Hausler & Brett Warner had a game which could have gone either way, but Brett by shifting the kitty with the penultimate bowl won 21-19.Chris Rule after losing the first end took control & won 28-20 from Preston Eva. Peter Woods after not scoring for the first 5 ends came out of his slumber to finally win 24-20 from Andrew Pfitzner . Russell Walker had control of the game for most of the day & won 31-17 from Kym Schultz.

Kapunda Bowls Report Round 16


Showers swept across the greens of Kapunda interrupting the game between the home teams BLACK and COPPER several times on Thursday. Through some great bowling by Mick Butler and Trevor Leslie the Phillips’ rink took Black out to a strong lead, putting the pressure on Copper before finishing 25 shots to 12. Ron Rogers’ Copper rink had a close tussle with Jack Trotta’s rink, before claiming a two shot victory, at 17 -15. However it was the sensational form of Copper’s skipper Geoff Redden and some telling shots from Bryn Cooper and Keith Matthews who responded brilliantly under pressure to win 25 shots to 13 to enable Copper to sneak over the line with a one shot victory. No report for the REDS but they were beaten by Nuriootpa


On a damp drizzly day Kapunda hosted Freeling for the first time this year, with 2 rinks up, one down and one drawn, the score was 63-35 in a shortened game. Christine Doecke’s rink led from the start and were able to maintain this, to establish a 25-5 win. Helen Sexton’s rink began well but could not keep with their opposition, going down 6-16. Ruth Scoot’s team had a shot for shot struggle for 13 ends, with a 13 all result. Carole Holmes’ rink could do no wrong, Carole, with Jim Pitman, Ann Butler and Pat Dobbin won the Rink of the Week in a 24-1 result. Barb Hier won the Wohlers award.


Kapunda travelled to Angaston and almost brought home the bacon. Ian Otterspoor’s rink provided the standout performance, not giving their opposition a look-in until the 12th end, then cruising to a 31-18 win. However this scoreline was reversed for Geoff Redden’s team. After a good start they fell behind and trailed until the 18-31 conclusion. Kim Watters’ rink were in contention early, before also slipping back and finishing on 16-27. Bill Phillips’ rink were the last to finish, and after leading all day could have snatched the victory for the team. However Angaston grabbed the last couple of shots, so the score ended up 26-17 Kapunda’s way, and the overall score 91-93. Did hear that a giraffe had trouble bowling today!


Kapunda RED went to Nuriootpa going down to Nuri Black 85-63. Keith Matthews’ rink won 29-23, Elsa Pitman’s team were level with 3 ends to play, but dropped 10 shots in the latter ends, and Jim Pitman’s side were unable to match their opponents, going down 31-13. BLACK went to Angaston to play Angaston White emerging victors 80-57. Ruth Scoot’s side drew 21 all, after only winning 9 out of 25 ends. Carli Otterspoor won the Wohlers Award. Richard Doecke’s rink had a slow start, but were able to draw level after 23 ends, but to then lose shots and go down by two, 20-22. A Rink of the Week performance by ‘Mousey’ Booth, enabled his team, with Di Sweet, Grant Campbell and Greg Donovan, to score on 19 ends for a 39- 14 shot win.


Kapunda were host to Angaston White in a close encounter which they lost by one, 63-64. Ben Van Gasteren had a quiet beginning but bit by bit were able to rein in the opposition, for a 24-19 win .Ann Petch led all day for a 23-20 win. Brian Sweet’s men were unable to match their counterparts going down 16-25.

Freeling Bowling Club Chatterby the White Ghost

February 2,2013

Friday night bare foot bowls commenced with the evening enjoyed by all.


Ladies travelled to Kapunda on a rainy day and in a rain shortened day, had a lost with only one rink up.

Mid Week Men

The Mid week men travelled to Angaston to play the white team on heavy greens and had a 53 shot win with all rinks up. Chris Kearns rink up by 28 shots with all bowling well, Harry Sykes rink up by 22 shots and George Fergusson coming from behind to win by 3 shots

1st DIV

Ist division travelled to Nuriootpa to play and in a game they would like to forget come home having 3 rinks down and a draw.

2nd DIV

2nd division travelled to Eudunda . The game was played the top green which had good finish and in a game Freeling started slowly and were down by 22 shots after 5 ends . From that point the game changed and Freeling won the game by 20 shots with 2 rinks up. .

3rd DIV

3rd division hosted Nuriootpa Black at Home. The visiting team were to strong and won with 2 rinks up

Rink of the week won by Mid -Week division rink of Chris Kearns, Lyall Ryan and Trevor Secomb

Put your names down for the sponsor’s night which will be held on Friday 22rd of February. The meal is a roast dinner.

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